Bringing you the benefits of silicon carbide

In collaboration with Danish company LiqTech, we offer the oil and gas sector a new environmentally friendly solution for treatment of produced water. The core product in our solution is silicon carbide membranes.

Removal of dispersed oil

Oil fields can produce up to 95% water during operations. Even when most of the oil has been separated from the water, the produced water still contains too much oil to be pumped back into the ocean and too many particles to be re-injected into the well.

Our new product, SemCoMem®, has membranes that easily remove dispersed oil, bringing the produced water down to oil concentrations less than 5mg/l and removing all solids.


SemCoMem is a lightweight, compact produced water treatment plant that uses a ceramic membrane to provide a reliable, efficient solution with a much smaller footprint than a traditional plant.

The advantages of our ceramic membrane include:

  • ‘Plug and play’ unit that is easy to install, service and maintain
  • Five times the flux rate of other ceramic membranes
  • Stable and durable operation that complies with offshore standards
  • Simplifying the de-oiling process
  • Produced water with reduced levels of dispersed oil, solids or bacteria, making it suitable for discharge or reinjection.
  • Service and maintenance-friendly