Rigs are never far from combustible materials, so rules for fire-prevention onboard are strict. Even so, fires do break out, and you need some way of dealing with them – fast.

Our rapid-response firefighting systems make sure an outbreak is extinguished before any serious damage can be done and before anyone gets hurt.

Customised solutions

Our firefighting systems can be tailored to the unique needs of your rig – and your budget. Our highly qualified engineers use the most advanced facilities to develop firefighting systems that meet the highest standards in reliability, operational safety and life-long technical support.


Using a dense mist of water, SemSafe extinguishes fire without the need for harmful chemicals – and it’s unique to Semco Maritime. Because there’s no CO² or halon, there’s no need to wait for people to get out of range of the poisonous gas, and there’s no harmful environmental after-effects.

You save on water: the mist is extremely fine, so it doesn’t take large volumes of water to extinguish a fire. You save on space: a CO² system with the same capacity as an 8m² SemSafe system would require 50m² to 60m². And you save on downtime: a one-shot chemical extinguisher doesn’t reduce the heat of the fire, so it can take 48 hours before crew members can go in and clean up.