trelleborg offshore subsea systems

Trelleborg Offshore is a specialist provider of cutting-edge solutions for the marine sector, ranging from buoyancy devices to subsea mooring systems.

Our solutions consist of:

Bend Control Solutions

Where any flexible tubular connects to a structure, normal movement during operation or forces incurred during installation can cause catastrophic failure of the tubular at the termination point.

Our Bend control solutions reduce this damage.


In floating production scenarios, pipelines such as flexible risers, cables and umbilicals are often required to be held subsea in specific geometric configurations designed to prevent over-utilisation of the system.

Cable and Flowline Protection

With an ever increasing global requirement for data and product transfer, and the necessity for transfer networks to run through ever harsher environments, the demand for highly advanced cable and flowline protection grows.

Clamping Solutions

A pipeline laying operation may have a requirement to simultaneously lay a small-diameter service line or umbilical.

During the installation, to ensure that the secondary lines are adequately supported between surface and seabed, they may be attached to the main pipeline using a clamp arrangement.

ROV / AUV / HOV Buoyancy Systems

ROV / AUV / HOV Buoyancy systems are being used in deeper water depths, the need for low-density materials, which enables a high buoyancy with reduced volumes, makes it ideal for inclusions with the frame structure of these vehicles.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is necessary to avoid formation of hydrate plugs and wax build-up in subsea structures.

The build-up begins when the oil / gas composition temperature is not maintained and begins to cool.

Without thermal insulation the cold seawater rapidly cools down the oil, forming hydrate / wax blockages and making it impossible for a safe flow.

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