George Roberts supplies three types of system scaffolding for both sale and hire.

The first is LAYHER, which is an EU-tested galvanised steel system. It is manufactured using pre-fabricated components. This is the latest generation of system scaffold and is lightweight, robust and versatile compared with other system scaffolds. These attributes make it particularly suited to the oil and gas industry.

K LOK system scaffolding is a galvanised steel system that can be used with either standard scaffold boards or Omega system battens. It consists of pre-fabricated components at fixed sizes, making it easy to erect. The system is ideal for onshore applications and is used by many companies during fabrication, maintenance or repair tasks.

The third and final main system scaffolding in use is K STAGE, which is a painted-steel system, used with timber or steel battens. Again, this consists of pre-fabricated items with fixed bay lengths, allowing speed of erection for basic scaffold structures.