Welcome to Jee learning

At Jee, we’re continually developing our courses in response to industry requirements and trends. We have recently released our range of courses for 2015, including the new ‘advanced design and stress analysis of subsea equipment.’

Jee courses and training programmes are built on the back of our engineering capabilities. With more than 26 years’ experience in delivering integrated subsea engineering and training services to the oil, gas and renewables industries, our expertise ensures that Jee courses are of the highest calibre. Furthermore we have been delivering courses to the oil, gas and renewables industries for nearly 20 years. During that time, we have built up an enormous portfolio of knowledge; below are an array of courses we offer that span the whole life-of-field.

We are committed to being a centre of learning excellence. Our courses are written by practising engineers; consequently, all training content remains current and informative, with practical, real-world case studies. Each course is also supported with comprehensive notes that can now be accessed anywhere in the world using our Jeenius app.

We offer a variety of ways to complete our courses; from public and in-company programmes in key locations around the world, to online courses for the ultimate flexibility. We can even create a completely customised course just for your company.

Suggested development plans

Jee understands the importance of building a successful and knowledgeable workforce and has put together a selection of training and development pathways that can support engineers to reach their chosen career path. For full details on putting together a comprehensive individual or group curriculum, please contact our courses operations team on +44 1732 371 391 or email courseadmin@jee.co.uk

Blended learning programmes and course design

If you like the benefits that online and classroom courses bring to the learning experience, yet can’t decide on the delivery method, Jee can help. We have developed a blended learning offering that combines elements from both our online and traditional classroom courses.

Our blended learning programmes are designed by selecting the most appropriate delivery method for each learning outcome. A combination of online modules, videos, podcasts, self-study sessions, tutor-led workshops and group discussions are used to build each programme, which are then managed and accessed via our central online learning platform. Each programme supports the learner through a structured programme and delivers the benefits of both online and face-to-face tuition:

  • Global accessibility and consistency in delivery
  • Collaborative peer learning through knowledge sharing
  • Learner-paced programmes; participants work through the materials at their own pace around their day-to-day commitments
  • Tutor-led sessions focus on complex topics and practical application of what has been learnt
  • Group exercises reinforce understanding
  • Cost and time efficiencies

Jee uses an established ADDIE-based (analyse, design, develop, implement and evaluate) methodology for developing training materials for our classroom, online and blended learning programmes to help maximise knowledge retention, helping delegates to get the most out of Jee training.