Infinite Security Solutions (ISS) understands that quality training comes at a cost but it must still be cost effective.

ISS, with its comprehensive explanation, demonstration, Imitation methodology (EDI) incorporated in a systems approach to training (SAT) concept, has developed Training DVDs and online tutorials to assist Organisations in training their personnel.

A prime example is the Maritime Industry. Organisation CSOs or SSOs are ISPS qualified; crews, on the other hand, are not required to be certified however they still need to have the knowledge. ISS understood and developed a Training DVD to support the ISPS Code requirements as a cost effective solution so crews can be trained inexpensively and frequently. This approach solves a number of factors including issues of language as vessels generally have crews of varying nationalities (ISS Training DVDs offer a variety of language options). Also, the ISS Training DVDs allows for training to take place in any location with little to no additional outlay and no requirement for a specific training facility. ISS Training DVDs are especially beneficial as they aid Organisations in fulfilling ISPS requirements by showing that training has occurred.

To show compliance it is vitally important that crew are familiar with and understand the ISPS Code – they are required to work within the bounds of the Code in their daily duties and implement the requirements of the Security Plans in place. Crew can also play a significant supporting role to a CSO/SSO if they are trained.

ISS has been at the forefront of the ISPS implementation process, prior to the Code coming into effect in 2004, and recognises the importance of incorporating crew training. ISS offers training solutions that can significantly minimise training costs. For example our "ISPS: Crew Brief and Familiarisation DVD" is an excellent training tool for Security Personnel outlining ISPS Code Security Requirements and Duties.

Our tailor-made online training tutorials (including live footage) are designed to bring continuity through an Organisation or Fleet. In addition, our Training DVDs / online tutorials can be used during onboard, day-to-day, training sessions which allows for efficient cost-effective tutoring. In addition, these training tools are designed as part of the audit trail to show compliance.

Our training solutions are available in several different languages. With the growing demand to minimise training costs Training DVDs and online training have become a quintessential tool and ISS can produce Training packages to suit your individual training requirements.

For further information on the ISS Training DVDs or Online Training Tutorials please email your enquiry to