Welding positioners

Red-D-Arc welding positioners, manipulators, turning rolls, automated TIG cladding systems, growing lines, fit up beds and other weld automation products are available for sale, lease and rent through Red-D-Arc’s global distribution network. Standard Red-D-Arc welding positioners come with UL / CSA and CE certification for electrical controls and operational capacities, which is a first in the weld automation industry.

Red-D-Arc turning roll sets feature all-fabricated-steel base construction with wheel brackets that can be manually positioned to accommodate vessels of varying diameters around a constant center-line. Vessel rotation is via a two-motor, two-wheel-drive system which eliminates the need for torque tubes. Drive motors are inverter-controlled variable-frequency AC-type with fan cooling and are fully enclosed for trouble-free operation.

Red-D-Arc positioners feature all-fabricated steel frames and bases supporting rotation and tilt spur-gears driven by worm-gear reducers to provide enhanced safety and durability. Powered table tilt and rotation are controlled via push-button pendants for controlling constant-speed up and down tilt, variable-speed table rotation, and forward / stop / reverse table direction / emergency-stop controls, as well as tilt limit-switches (for both directions).

Red-D-Arc manipulators feature structural steel with continuously welded roundways, along with rack and pinion driven movement providing enhanced durability and extended overhaul intervals. Safety features include an integrated anti-fall device and UL /CE certified control boxes with IP65-rated enclosures.

Red-D-Arc also offers automated TIG cladding systems, grow lines and fit up beds. It also designs and builds complete turnkey weld automation packages, which can include integrated controls such as digital touch-screen interfaces and camera systems for the client’s complete project requirements.