The Z-Gard S Sensor is designed to detect the presence of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and combustible gases in air.

The Z-Gard DS Sensor is designed to detect the presence of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide gases in parking garages, vehicle storage areas or wherever else these two toxic gases could be found. The DS offers the benefit of two points of detection in one enclosure.

Z-Gard sensors employ solid state, electrochemical or catalytic sensors which generate an output signal proportional to the calibrated operating range.

Z-Gard Sensors with RS-485 digital output are specifically designed to operate as a system with any Z-Gard C 485 or Z-Gard CXII Controller.

Z-Gard Sensors with 4-20 mA can be installed as stand-alone sensors typically integrated with the Z-Gard C Controller, or common commercial equipment including PLC, DCS, or building automation systems.

  • Two sensor output options: 4-20mA analog output or RS-485 digital signal
  • Sensor status is shown by green OK LED, indicating proper device operation
  • Switch drive output to percentages of full-scale. This feature is useful for testing remote devices which may be connected to the sensor output
  • Easy one-person calibration of zero and span