China is one of the powerhouses of the world. Using its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) that covers 132 countries; China intends to increase its influence on global infrastructure development as well as exporting its excess contractor capacity. The BRI is focused on developing modern versions of the land-based ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’ and the ‘Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century’. China plans to improve infrastructure in emerging nations worldwide as well as aiding in goods transport between countries. 

There has been wariness from companies over-relying heavily on China, but BRI is an attractive idea for governments with limited funding capacity and infrastructure needs. 

Power generation projects are a key target for China to expand its influence

China’s main international funding agencies Export-Import Bank of China (China Exim Bank) and the China Development Bank (CDM) are funding $334bn of infrastructure projects globally. GlobalData’s China’s Involvement in Global Infrastructure will explore China’s influence and how it is likely to evolve. 

Key highlights of this report include:

  • China’s involvement in global infrastructure already goes beyond BRI and China-funded projects. Chinese contractors are involved in various stages of projects to a value of $1.10trillion
  • Europe and Latin America are relatively small markets for China, however, they are still sizeable with values of $71.1bn and $72.7bn, respectively
  • Chinese contractors are expanding their activities rapidly and assuming projects are planned and spending could reach $162.9bn in 2020
  • Due to a lack of tech know-how by domestic Sub-Saharan contractors, Chinese contractors are involved in 41% of all infrastructure projects in the region

Assess the current state of Chinese involvement in global infrastructure construction. Gain a strengthened understanding of the projects currently under construction with Chinese involvement and those that are likely to begin construction in the future. Use key knowledge to invest in smarter business decisions to maximize success. 

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