More than 50 planned (new build) FPSOs will be brought online by 2020 according to GlobalData’s latest report, Q4 2016 Global FPSO Industry Outlook, with South America adding the most and Africa and Europe the other major regions. Brazil, the UK and Angola are the top three countries with plans to add the most number of FPSOs.

Petrobras will be the leading operator in terms of the planned FPSO additions; more than half of the FPSOs planned in South America will be operated by Petrobras. Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Bumi Armada Offshore Holdings Limited will be the other leading FPSO operators in the world by 2020.

In Europe, FPSOs will be deployed in the UK and Norway by 2020. The UK will lead the region with the planned deployment of six FPSOs, and Norway with two FPSOs.

Asia and North America are expected to witness six and two planned FPSOs deployed respectively by 2020. The number of planned FPSO deployments in Asia has increased by one since the previous quarter. In Oceania, two FPSOs each are expected to start operations by 2020.

GlobalData’s comprehensive research shows that the planned FPSO, Ayatsil, expected to come online by 2017 in Mexico, will have the highest annual crude oil production capacity among all the planned FPSOs. Another FPSO, Crux, expected to start by 2019 in Australia will have the highest annual natural gas production capacity.

About this report

GlobalData’s latest analytical report, Q4 2016 Global FPSO Industry Outlook – South America Continues to Lead in Planned FPSO Deployments, gives information on deployment of planned FPSOs at a global level with details of FPSOs planned by key countries and operators in each region. The report provides a count of FPSOs deployed in the 2010-2015 period with forecast up to 2020. The forecast includes information on FPSOs that will be brought online by key countries and operators by 2020. The report also provides recent developments in the FPSO industry with details of tenders and contracts signed in the year. Details of stalled FPSOs in the world are also given.