Lubricants are essential to help machines run smoothly and prevent parts from becoming worn or broken, helping equipment owners to avoid unplanned periods of downtime and unexpected costs. They reduce friction, absorb shock, lower noise and minimise corrosion. Less friction means less heat is generated, helping to reduce general wear and tear. 

Texaco’s advanced lubricants are designed to help deliver robust protection and reliable operational performance across a wide range of applications. Products include lubricants, transmission fluids, gear oils, greases, hydraulic oils and coolants to protect practically every moving part of equipment. 

We asked Paul Moxham, business consultant at Texaco Lubricant, about the sector and the company’s role in it.

What products does Texaco Lubricants offer for the construction sector?

Paul Moxham: Our product range for the construction sector is a comprehensive one; a necessity to cover the wide variety of applications required in this market. In addition to our Delo engine oils, we have gear, hydraulic and tractor oils, greases, coolants and transmission products. This is a highly demanding sector; the products used are required to have superior anti-wear properties, equipment protection and, where possible, energy efficiency benefits.

How does Texaco ensure the best performance from its lubricant products for construction equipment?

PM: Our lubricants are developed in-house and tested, both under laboratory conditions and through extensive field testing, in co-operation with original equipment manufacturers and end-users. We ensure our lubricant testing covers a wide range of conditions, as would be expected under real-world conditions, including extreme temperatures, high loads and abrasive environments.

Texaco products are designed to meet global manufacturer and industry standards, help customers look to improve energy efficiencies, and help provide superior wear protection and fuel economy – all while helping to extend the life of the equipment.

Does Texaco offer customised lubricants for specific customer applications?

PM: We specialise in creating tailored lubricants for our customers. Our approach involves understanding core business requirements beyond just recommending products. One effective way to achieve this is through our Reliability-based Lubrication (RbL) programme.

RbL is a sophisticated tool, combining industry knowledge, targeted products and customised services to enable us to systematically compare customers’ current lubricants with the optimal choices for their business needs.

In collaboration with Texaco’s technical teams, we can fine-tune our recommendations to support specific customer preferences. Cataloguing current assets and their lifecycle stages allows us to align product recommendations with those assets, ensuring optimal oil selection. In the event of challenging environmental conditions, viscosity adjustments can be made to ensure optimal performance.

This meticulous methodology not only enhances efficiency for our customers, but also contributes to cost savings and improved fuel economy, thereby optimising the total cost of ownership.

How do Texaco lubricants contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of construction equipment?

PM: Lubricants can play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and productivity of construction equipment. We offer an extensive range of products that have been strategically designed to boost performance.

Texaco Delo 600 ADF, for example, was designed to help extend drain intervals and encourage fuel efficiency, while simultaneously prolonging the life of diesel particulate filters (DPFs). It helps to mitigate ash build-up, and provides greater system protection for both the engine and the emission system.

DPF issues not only have an impact on fuel consumption, but can lead to more frequent DPF cycles, resulting in idle assets and significant downtime costs that can affect productivity. Texaco’s ultra-low ash Delo 600 product works to combat such challenges and maintain the operational continuity of equipment.

Additionally, the Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oils range can help customers achieve efficiency gains of up to 4%. This specialised line of lubricants amplifies the performance of the equipment’s overall hydraulic system, allowing for improved reliability and efficiency, even under extreme pressure, high thermal stress and in severe operating conditions.