The power generation sector has been undergoing rapid transformation in recent years, with advances in technology and the desire for lower carbon solutions driving impactful change. These developments are placing new demands on lubricants, as they must be able to operate under more extreme conditions and protect increasingly complex and sophisticated equipment.

Specifically designed to help meet the stringent requirements of gas engines, power generation applications, and industrial equipment, Texaco’s range of HDAX products is a useful tool to help combat complex industrial challenges. With specialised formulations that help prevent wear and deposits, the range has been formulated to offer enhanced engine performance. In working to boost efficiency, Texaco HDAX helps reduce friction and optimise energy consumption, while its extended drain intervals and lower oil consumption minimise cost, thus offering long-term value.

Texaco HDAX advanced technology gas engine lubricants deliver maximised power generation equipment protection, performance, reliability and productivity. The products within the range have been tailored to cater to the specific requirements of the power generation sector, including HDAX 5100 Ashless Gas Engine Oil SAE 40, HDAX 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil, HDAX 9300 SAE 40, and HDAX 9500 SAE 40.

Offering targeted, bespoke solutions, Texaco HDAX products can be integrated into a variety of power generation applications. Formulated to be of benefit to business operations within the power generation sector, the range provides real value to the industry.

In the world of power generation, quality and innovation hold the keys to success. Texaco’s HDAX product range strives to embody these principles, offering specific, data-driven solutions. With an offering that is bespoke to the sector, the range is sure to continue to play a large role in continuing to support development within power generation.

HDAX: A closer look

HDAX 5100 Ashless Gas Engine Oil SAE 40

A high-performance ashless natural gas engine lubricant. It is designed to promote effective crankcase, intake and exhaust port keep-clean performance in two-stroke engines.

HDAX 5200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oils

A highperformance low-ash, bright stock free formulation with premium base oil technology. HDAX 5200 lubricants offer effective oxidation and nitration resistance, which helps reduce the build-up of insolubles and promotes long oil and filter service life.


A highperformance low-ash dispersant/detergent type SAE 40 gas engine oil, specifically designed for landfill gas, biogas digester gas and sour gas applications.

HDAX 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40

A high-performance low-ash dispersant/detergent type gas engine oil, free from bright stock.

HDAX 9200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40

A premium performance low ash, dispersancy and detergency type gas engine lubricant, offering robust component protection even under heavy loads, and is designed for use in natural gas applications.

HDAX 9300 SAE 40

A premium performance medium ash dispersant/detergent type gas engine oil, specifically designed to help protect gas engines running on natural gas under heavily loaded conditions, including high output engines in the 10 MWel class.

HDAX 9500 SAE 40

A premium performance dispersant/detergent-type extended drain gas engine oil, designed specifically for gas engines running on landfill gas, biogas and digester gas, and for sour gas applications.

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