The smooth, efficient running of any plant relies upon an effective thermal fluid heater. Using indirect methods, thermal fluid heaters target the system’s thermal liquid. The liquid will then transfer its heat energy to the end target, often process equipment or other liquids, and be recirculated through a pump.

There are many benefits to using thermal fluid heaters in the oil and gas industry. Not only do they allow for easy operation and require low maintenance, but they’re also energy efficient. In fact, a thermal heater provides 20%-50% less energy consumption than its steam counterpart, and they offer lower total exhaust emissions, too.

These compact systems provide an efficient, cost-effective heating solution to a range of plants. They won’t corrode, they allow for accurate temperature control, and there’s no danger of freeze damage when the plant is shut down.

Helical coil heaters

Heatec is North America’s leading manufacturer of heaters, tanks and related products. The company specialises in thermal fluid heaters in the oil and gas industry, with a particular focus on helical coils systems heated by fired burners.

Extremely versatile and used in a wide variety of industries, Heatec’s thermal fluid systems consist of a burner, which fires down the centre of a heater, warming the thermal fluid and allowing it to flow through the coil.

In the construction industry, for example, a thermal fluid will be pushed through the coil in order to heat asphalt products. In the food industry, you might find a Heatec heater warming cooking oil in order to prepare chicken parts.

Heatec sales development manager Jerry Vantrease said: “Heatec provides a number of different heating solutions, but our most popular product is the helical coil heater.

“We manufacture every part of the heater, including all of the electrical components. We also have our own electric shop. We make the coil for the heater, we cover everything. There are some purchased parts, such as the burner, but the burner manufacturer is actually a sister company of ours as well.”

“Heatec provides a number of different heating solutions, but our most popular product is the helical coil heater.”

Heaters with two-pass helical coils are among the company’s most popular products. They burn a variety of fuels and have high thermal efficiencies that help to conserve them. Heatec’s range also includes three-pass helical coils and serpentine coils, with outputs of up to approximately 75 million Btu/hour.

Heatec manufactures and supplies all its thermal fluid coils, which means the company can configure parts to individual heater requirements. The result is a flow rate that more accurately matches the requirements of your system and a more efficient machine.

Heatec also offers round-the-clock support for its customers. While its range of thermal fluid heaters is low maintenance with minimal monitoring required, the manufacturer is on hand 24/7 to provide customer support and repairs.