Thermal fluid heaters indirectly target a system’s thermal liquid to transfer heat energy to the end target. Glycol, thermal oil or water are commonly used heat mediums and are heated and circulated to heat energy users inside a closed-loop structure.

Thermal mediums operate at high temperatures of around 350°C, while maintaining low pressures. In terms of maintenance and operation, thermal fluid heaters are easier to manage than other steam systems. In particular, the risks of corrosion, frost and scale formation are preventable for oil-based transfer media.

Various types of industries make use of thermal fluid heater systems including automobile manufacturing plants, food processing plants and paper production companies, as well as timber processing plants, rigid packing companies and the pharmaceutical industry.

Use of thermal fluid heaters for the pharmaceutical industry

The uses of thermal fluid heater systems for the pharmaceutical industry include assistance in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and medical creams, as well as laminated film, foil and paper. Thermal mediums carry out the process of distillation to achieve the final results of a product.

The production of pharmaceuticals comes from the direction of culture prep through a range of hot oil-heated process apparatus such as blenders, dryers and tanks.

Preparation of cosmetic and medical creams is achieved through the mixing of various raw materials in a hot oil-heated jacketed receptacle. To achieve the final product of laminated film, foil or paper, a roll of raw material is sent through a chain of heated coaters, dryers and rolls.

During the distillation stage of production, temperature is used to detach the numerous elements of a prepared mixture. Thermal fluid heaters provide improved control, resulting in more precise management of the process temperature, as well as heating and cooling through the use of a single fluid.

Heatec’s thermal fluid heaters

Heatec specialise in thermal fluid heaters, specifically those heated by fired burners and with helical coils. The versatility of these hot oil heaters allows use in a variety of industries, including the pharmaceuticals.

Heatec’s thermal fluid heater systems function by way of a burner heating the thermal fluid that flows through the coil as well as heating coils in other apparatus. Multiple pieces of equipment can be heated with a single heater through the connection of one or more thermal fluid circuits.

The heating of each tool can be handled individually by valves that control the course of the hot liquid through the equipment.

The most commonly sought heaters from Heatec are those with two-pass helical coils. These heaters can burn a variety of fuels and conservation of the fuel is achieved through high thermal efficiencies.
Heaters with three-pass helical coils and serpentine coils are also available through Heatec and can be built with outputs of up to 75 million Btu / hour.

The company builds its thermal fluid coils to suit each consumer’s requirements. Therefore, coils for heaters can be configured to deliver a flow rate that closely matches individual requirements.

About Heatec

Formed in 1977, Heatec began as a business that built heaters and tanks for road construction. The company was formed as a merger between Astec and a small asphalt service company it had attained previously. As a result, Heatec began engineering helical coil hot oil heaters and direct-fired asphalt heaters, which over time became commonplace in a wider range of industries. New applications for the heaters and other related products have developed rapidly ever since.