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In the event of unplanned downtime, the ability to quickly access correct information is critical and may define the company's profitability and reputation. Oil and gas companies must have control of their engineering documents and drawings at all times to minimize downtime and improve safety as well as to be able to respond to a critical situation fast. With BlueCielo, they can.

Five of the ten world's largest O&G companies use BlueCielo software to achieve operational excellence

BlueCielo's solutions are used by the largest global O&G companies to meet the challenges of volatile world markets. Our software helps to improve the effectiveness and reliability of production assets, control operating costs and assure safety. That's why companies such as Laricina Energy, Bluewater, Hertel Marine Services, Transocean, ExxonMobil and Total choose BlueCielo software to maximize their profitability.

How can BlueCielo Meridian help you?

24/7 Access

Get the information you need to support preventative maintenance and reduce downtime.

Accurate information

Trust your as-built information is always accurate and up-to-date, with full document control throughout the asset lifecycle.


Link assets and data for quick search by object, functional location or by tag number.

Transmittal management

Stay on top of projects with comprehensive transmittal management for data exchange with contractors.

Confidence & control

Enjoy worry-free audits and renew your license to operate in just 1 day.

Seamless handovers

Achieve zero-defect handovers between departments, contractors and suppliers.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure compliance with industry, health, safety, environmental and governmental regulations, including: NORSOK, ISO 15926, Pas 55 and ISO 55000.

Leverage existing systems

Leverage standard integrations with: IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Ultimo, Datastream, Famis, Archibus, CAD, IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Ultimo, Datastream, Famis, Archibus, CAD, Office, Microsoft SharePoint and more SharePoint and more.

What Our Customers Say

"With BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, we can create an architecture that meets the world standard and enables us to carry out complex projects successfully" - Hertel Marine Services

"The introduction of BlueCielo Meridian has established time and cost-effective Asset Lifecycle Information Management at Bluewater. BlueCielo Meridian provides us with a safety and integrity system and ensures the license to operate for our operating fleet" - Bluewater

"The BlueCielo solution provides us with a single source of asset information to find and retrieve all plant-related engineering content. The solution facilitates the Management of Change process and keeps control over document changes in engineering projects" - Total Fina Antwerp Olefins

"BlueCielo Meridian serves as a single point of truth, allowing us to quickly and easily discover the most up to date version of a document, whenever and wherever we need it" - Laricina Energy

"It is extremely important that all parties work in one system. This is the only way that whether they are onshore, offshore, supplier, contractor or my own office, every party can be guaranteed fast and easy access so that document availability is never an issue" - ExxonMobil

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