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Gas Turbine Controls Corporation (GTC) offers to extend the operational life of your General Electric (GE) control systems through the supply of spares and services.

GE Speedtronic control spares for gas turbines

GTC maintains the world's largest stock of GE brand turbine control and excitation circuit boards and components used on both gas and steam turbines.

GTC's multimillion-dollar inventory of GE control spares includes:

  • GE Speedtronic: MKI, MKII, MKIII, MKIV, MKV, MKVI, MKVIe
  • GE Excitation: Alterrex, Generrex, EX2000, EX2100
  • GE LCI: LCI Drive
  • GE DGP: Digital Generator Protection System
  • Woodward: Netcon 5000, Micronet
  • Bently Nevada : 3300, 3500

Testing and repairs for GE Speedtronic and Excitation Controls

GTC has invested in modern test and repair facilities to ensure that all work is carried out in a clean and controlled environment. Our fully trained technical staff are able to diagnose and repair problems quickly and efficiently.

Initially repairing only GE Speedtronic circuit boards as part of our Speedtronic support service, GTC now commonly repairs a range of GE controls, including Speedtronic, Excitation, LCI and DGP, as well as the Woodward and Bently Nevada systems.

Direct power supply for GE TCPS

Due to the high failure rate of the GE TCPS power supply card (GE Mark V), GTC now offers its own direct plug-and-play power supply. With modern parts and components available today, GTC has taken advantage to offer a more stable power supply card for the Mark V control.

Longevity support

GTC offers operators longevity programs, which are designed to keep the older GE Speedtronic systems, such as MKIV and MKV, supported with spares and servicing. With the limited lifespan of some plants, upgrading to the latest GE platform (Mark VIe) as a result of the OEM no longer supporting the older product is not economically viable, and GTC can offer support through the remainder of the plant's lifetime.

GE Speedtronic training

Upgrade your knowledge by attending our solution-minded Speedtronic training courses. By means of case studies, aspects such as hardware, documentation and development of control signals are presented by certified trainers who are highly respected professionals with GE field and training experience.

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Available White Papers


Gas Turbine Controls: Supporting Legacy GE Control and Excitation Systems 26 July 2017 Gas Turbine Controls Corporation was established in 2001 to supply GE Speedtronic control spares to operators who did not want to upgrade their legacy GE Speedtronic system.


Mark VI and VIe Services and Support 08 November 2013 Featuring a robust, on-hand inventory of hundreds of replacement parts for the GE Speedtronic Mark VI, Mark VIe, and even the Mark V Enhanced or Migration turbine control systems, Gas Turbine Controls (GTC) has been a reliable alternative source for GE Speedtronic and Mark spares for more than a decade.