At GlobalData, we have developed a unique thematic research ecosystem designed to take a holistic view of the top 20 themes that impact companies in the oil and gas industry. For each theme, we offer a series of predictions, identify winners and recommend other reports to gain more insights on each of these 20 themes.

Companies that invest in the right themes become success stories; those that miss the big themes ultimately fail. Given that so many themes are disruptive, it is imperative to remain relevant to ward off any competition from industry outsiders that could invade your sector.

The report classifies the top 20 themes for 2023 into four categories: industry, technology, ESG and macroeconomic themes. The ESG themes will be pivotal for the oil and gas industry in 2023, as net-zero targets and investor pressures weigh heavily on the industry players. Therefore, companies are expected to pursue energy transition themes such as renewable energy, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, energy storage and electric vehicles, while managing traditional industry themes such as liquefied natural gas, shale and integrated refineries.

This report also features disruptive tech themes impacting the oil and gas industry in 2023. These include artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, robotics and the metaverse. Further assessment of our top 20 themes in the oil and gas industry can be found in GlobalData’s new report, ‘Top 20 Oil & Gas Themes 2023’.