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The UK’s new decommissioning tax regime with Mike Tholen of Oil & Gas UK

UK Chancellor Phillip Hammond has promised support for the UK’s oil and gas industry in the form of tax breaks for decommissioning and funding for new ‘disruptive’ technologies. Julian Turner asks Mike Tholen, Oil & Gas UK’s upstream policy director, if the proposals are enough to keep the sector afloat.

Is Arctic offshore infrastructure fit for purpose?

The US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the University of Alaska have collaborated on a study into offshore structures and their ability to survive sea ice in extreme Arctic conditions. BSEE Alaska Region analyst Scott Carr gives his view on whether current design standards are satisfactory.

Extending the lifespan of offshore assets: can we live with it?

Preserving ageing offshore assets has become a popular strategy for surviving the low oil price, but is it really a safe and cost-effective long-term solution? Oil & Gas UK’s health and safety policy manager Tom Milne talks about the risks and rewards of asset life extension on the UKCS.

GE Marines’ SeaStream: smarter, slicker maintenance

As the offshore industry acclimatises to a long-term low oil price environment, maintenance has emerged as a prime area where savings can be made. SeaStream Insight, which combines remote monitoring, asset support and predictive analysis, may have come along at just the right time. Andy McKeran, from technology developer GE Marine, tells us about the principles behind the technology and how it represents a big step forward for the use of big data in the offshore industry.

Subsea Planning App: a deeper look into ship scheduling

In February 2015, project services consultancy Cambla launched the industry-first schedule animation tool (SAT), which helps improve the planning and execution of large subsea operations. Since then, a number of upgrades have followed due to high industry uptake. Abi Millar finds out how the app can save time and money for offshore oil companies.

Living the offshore lifestyle: understanding the social impacts with Diane Austin

For over 15 years, Diane Austin, an anthropology professor at the University of Arizona, has been researching the social impacts of an offshore lifestyle on the workers’ families and households. Austin’s investigations led her to live in these communities, learning how people adapted to a life of constant change during the industry’s Deepwater era. With the study drawing to a close this summer, Austin reflects on lessons learnt during the years spent in the field.

Risky business: are deepwater E&P projects a safe bet for multinationals?

Deepwater projects could represent a relatively safe investment for large oil and gas operators in an otherwise volatile offshore market. Julian Turner spoke to Adrian Lara, GlobalData’s senior upstream analyst covering the Americas, about the cost implications of ultra-deep E&P.