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Down to Mexico: analysing the energy financing agreement between the UK and Mexico

The recent unveiling of a financing agreement between the UK and Mexican governments to heighten collaboration in their energy production efforts could carry considerable benefits for both countries’ offshore oil and gas sectors. But is there a catch? Ross Davies reports.

Breaking the ice: researchers chart new ground in Arctic oil spill response

Founded in January 2012, the Arctic Oil Spill Response Technology Joint Industry Programme (JIP) has just moved into phase II of its research. As it tests the waters in six different areas – and welcomes its latest member Gazprom Neft – what lies ahead for response teams working in icy conditions? Programme manager Joe Mullin explains what is being done to make circumpolar drilling a safer prospect. Abi Millar investigates.

Demulsification and the benefits of eco-friendly offshore waste management

Urenna Ekeh-Adegbotolu, a researcher at Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University, is developing a new eco-friendly demulsifier to separate offshore drilling waste into its component parts of oil, water and solids. Ross Davies asks her how the technology could save operators money and improve the sustainability of offshore drilling

All change for Mexico’s oil and gas market

In two years, Mexico will open up its oil and gas industry to foreign investment, ending Pemex’s monopoly of the market. What changes and challenges lie ahead as the Mexican oil and gas market prepares for liberalisation? Rod James investigates

Shelling In – what assets will bring shell back on top?

As Shell tries to raise $15 billion in asset sales, Paul French examines the offshore activity that will help bring the company back into favour with investors

Italy’s shrinking offshore oil and gas industry

New restrictions on areas for exploration and production offshore of Italy has pushed activities away from the Tyrrhenian Sea and over to deeper waters west of Sardinia. The changes which affectively halve the area available for discovery have raised concerns that the country will fail to reduce its high demand on energy imports, as well as deter industry with its environmentalist red tape approach.

Today’s Brent falls below $116 as Syria causes uncertainty

Oil slipped below $116 a barrel on Monday as investors remained focused on any potential action regarding Syria, as Russia and China again urged the United States to hold off from military action ahead of a key vote by the country.

April’s top stories: BP faces more court action, Norway considers Arctic drilling

Florida and Vantage Drilling sue BP over the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Norway allows an impact study on a controversial area of the Arctic and the US announces the lease sale of 21m acres in Texas. wraps up the key headlines from April 2013.

Size of the matter – offshore ergonomics prepares for an overhaul

A new study measuring the size of offshore oil and gas workers’ bodies is currently underway, with the aim of improving ergonomic safety on rigs. As the first study of its kind for more than twenty years, what issues does it raise about the current state of workers’ bodies and how will it benefit the industry? By Heidi Vella.

Video feature: Liquid Robotics – changing subsea data capture

The world’s first wave and solar powered autonomous ocean data capturing robot has received funding to begin work in the offshore oil and gas industry. The ability to record and then transmit back in real time should already be enough to pique industry interest, but couple that with an unlimited energy source, and the Wave Glider could soon become a routine device. By Heidi Vella.