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Picking small oil pockets: new mole drill digs deeper

Oil drilling has traditionally focused on the biggest reservoirs, leaving smaller pockets unexplored. A new “mole” drill being developed by SINTEF Petroleum Research, however, could exploit what is believed to be a significant resource, says project manager Jan David Ytrehus.

Video feature: Gryphon FPSO’s return to the North Sea

After suffering severe weather damage two years ago, Maersk’s Gryphon FPSO, one of the North Sea’s most valued assets, is back in production. But how much work went into repairing the mighty vessel and will it help reverse declines in North Sea oil supplies?

Roundtable: mitigating oil spill risks as operators drill deeper

As new offshore leases become available, experts are sounding the call for improved disaster oversight. In a roundtable interview, Sarah Blackman spoke to a panel of industry executives to discuss the importance of risk management in preventing oil spills.

Methane hydrates: a new gas boom?

Methane hydrates could change the face of the energy sector, erasing price differentials and meeting global gas and electricity needs for hundreds of years. Japan was successful in extracting the resource off its central coast this year, but is full scale production of this fuel, locked hundreds of metres below the seabed, economically and environmentally feasible?

Unlocking Japan’s fire-ice: Q&A with JOGMEC’s Koji Yamamoto

For the first time in history, Japan has produced methane gas from offshore hydrate deposits located hundreds of metres below the sea. Research leader on the project Koji Yamamoto explains how the notoriously difficult drilling process is carried out and how state-owned JOGMEC plans to overcome production challenges in the future.

Venezuela’s oil policy post-Chavez: what’s next as Maduro takes the reins?

Hugo Chávez’s last request was granted when his chosen successor Nicolás Maduro was elected as president. The late socialist leader was known for nationalising the oil sector and curbing foreign investment, but will Maduro steer the country in another direction, or follow the work of his mentor?