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BirdLife Africa: inside the battle between conservation and oil exploration

Due to the increasing handout of exploration licenses, the waters off the coast of West Africa have become a hub of oil and gas exploration activity. However, the implications for the region’s marine wildlife and eco-systems are concerning, as BirdLife Africa’s Paul Silai Tendeng tells us.

Faith in the Forties: an analysis of Ineos’ latest investments in the North Sea

Earlier this year, energy giant Ineos announced a new £500 million investment in its Forties Pipeline System, commonly regarded as the beating heart of UK crude oil conveyance. The move is indicative of growing investor confidence in the North Sea, writes Ross Davies.

The Oil Industry’s Best Kept Secret: advice from women in oil and gas

As the UK offshore oil and gas industry embarks on an unprecedented recruitment drive, we should expect to see a more diverse workforce come to light. A new book, featuring inspiration and advice from high-profile women in the sector, sheds light on a rewarding and fulfilling career – irrespective of one’s gender.

Electrifying the Johan Sverdrup oil and gas field

In May, Norwegian oil producer Equinor, formerly known as Statoil, began laying a cable that will supply onshore power to the gigantic Johan Sverdrup field. Ross Davies looks at the project, which is set to help create one of the most carbon-efficient oil and gas fields in the world.

Enter the robots: reducing the headache of pressure vessel inspection

The UK Oil & Gas Technology Centre has invested in three robotic technologies to help transform pressure vessel inspection on offshore rigs. Ross Davies looks at how these new projects might help turn a traditionally burdensome undertaking into a more cost-efficient and safer task.

Artificial magma: Could it work for sealing offshore wells?

Interwell Norway has developed a new well-sealing technology that simulates mini-volcanoes to produce artificial magma then used to suppress leaks. Having already been piloted on onshore wells in Canada, could it be applied in an offshore setting? Ross Davies sits down with the technology’s inventor Michael Skjold to find out more.

Papering over the cracks: Forties pipeline closure under the spotlight

The closure of the North Sea’s Forties pipeline in December following a hairline crack shook the energy market. Ross Davies asks if more could have been done in response.

Wind-powered offshore decommissioning in Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam is in the process of building a new offshore wind centre, which will be used to decommission oil and gas platforms close by. The project’s potential is undeniable – both in terms of environmental performance and the local economy – but the port is treading new ground, as Ross Davies discovers.

Can Aberdeen remain the oil capital of Europe?

Stagnant oil prices and decommissioning projects in the North Sea have led some to believe the party may be over for Aberdeen. But, with the arrival of a new research centre in the city earlier this year, are such glum predictions premature? Ross Davies reports.