The onshore arm of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc Onshore) is seeking to appoint a consultant to revise the front-end engineering and design (feed) works on a project to modify the Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline (Adcop).

Adcop is a 48-inch pipeline that transports crude oil produced by Adnoc Onshore from Abu Dhabi’s Habshan complex to the geopolitically strategic main oil terminal (MOT) in Fujairah, covering a distance of 405 kilometres.

Adnoc Onshore intends to install a high-pressure recovery system at the Fujairah MOT to regulate the oil flow rate, according to a source.

Austria-headquartered ILF Consulting Engineers previously performed feed work on the project in 2015-2016. Adnoc Onshore is looking to appoint a new consultant to upgrade the feed to enable Adcop to meet the latest flow rate specifications.

Adnoc Onshore issued the tender for revised feed works on the project in October last year, the source told MEED.

Firms submitted bids for the project last December and a second round of proposals this January, the source added.

“ILF Consulting Engineers is running for the job again, along with [UK-based] Wood [Group]. These two appear to be the main contenders,” the source said.

Project objective

The Adcop pipeline rises to 678.5m above mean sea level through the mountains, before it drops to its endpoint at the Fujairah MOT.

The drop in height leads to a pressure of up to 55 to 60barg, which has to be controlled and reduced at the inlet of the MOT. This is currently done mechanically using two redundant pressure control valves.

By installing a high-pressure recovery system at the Fujairah MOT, consisting of a pressure recovering unit coupled with an electric generator, Adnoc Onshore intends to improve Adcop’s operational mechanism and reduce its energy consumption and emissions footprint.

At present, Adnoc Onshore draws power from the UAE’s Etihad Water & Electricity (previously known as Federal Electricity & Water Authority) grid to operate the Fujairah MOT. This adds to the company’s expenses and has an environmental impact.

Following the commissioning of the high-pressure recovery system, the company will be able to meet its own power demand and reverse surplus power to the Etihad Water & Electricity grid, leading to additional income, plus a reduced energy footprint.

The selected consultant will need to perform re-feed works on the high-pressure recovery system at the Fujairah MOT, which will comprise the following key components:

  • One turbine unit GT-4101 plus generator G-4101 in parallel to the existing PCV-1500-03 A/B
  • A bypass of the new turbine unit with one PCV-1502-01
  • One PCV-1500-03C in parallel to the existing PCV-1500-03 A/B and in serial to the new turbine unit
  • Electrical generation and distribution system to feed power to existing electrical network at Fujairah MOT

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