Saudi Aramco has started a major tendering process involving its long-term agreement (LTA) pool of offshore contractors to execute vital brownfield works to upgrade infrastructure at its strategic offshore oil and gas field developments.

Aramco issued eight offshore work tenders through its contracts release and purchase order (CRPO) system to its LTA contractors ‘on different dates in October’, sources told MEED.

The eight CRPO tenders are estimated to be worth over $2bn.

Through these offshore structure refurbishment and modification works, Aramco intends to maintain and enhance the oil and gas production capacity of its crucial Safaniya, Manifa, Marjan and Abu Safah field developments.

The eight new CRPO tenders, their brief scope of work and bid submission dates are as follows:

  • CRPO 77 – Demolition and decommissioning of an existing tie-in platform, named ‘STP 15’, jackets and topsides at the Safaniya oil field, and their safe transport to the Juaymah reclamation yard – 18 November
  • CRPO 86 – Installation of the following structures at the Juaymah export terminal – 21 November:
    • One new offshore platform connected with the existing Juaymah offshore platform (JOP)
    • One metering skid and one single point mooring buoy (SPM 37)
    • New 56-inch CLS-26 subsea pipeline from new Juaymah onshore tank farm to the JOP extension, covering a distance of 11.5 kilometres approximately
    • Two new 48-inch subsea pipelines from JOP extension to a new pipeline end manifold (PLEM 37), stretching across 9.8km approximately
    • Upgrade existing auto sampling skids JOP for SPMs 31, 35 and 36
  • CRPO 87 – Installation of 14 jackets at Manifa – 1 December
  • CRPO 88 – Installation of 10 jackets at Safaniya – 1 December
  • CRPO 89 – Installation of nine jackets at Safaniya – 1 December
  • CRPO 90 – Installation of 11 jackets at Safaniya – 1 December
  • CRPO 91 – Installation of six jackets at Abu Safah, Marjan and Safaniya – 1 December
  • CRPO 92 – Installation of the following structures at Abu Safah and Marjan – 1 December:
    • Two production deck modules
    • Two pipeline segments – a 12in section stretching 2.5km and a 20in section running 6.5km

Contractors have been set various dates in November to submit bids for the CRPOs, one source said.

Aramco’s LTA pool of offshore service providers comprises:

  • Saipem (Italy)
  • McDermott International (US)
  • Larsen & Toubro Hydrocarbon Engineering (India) / Subsea 7 (UK)
  • Dynamic Industries (US)
  • National Petroleum Construction Company (UAE)
  • Lamprell (UAE/UK) / Royal Boskalis Westminster (The Netherlands)
  • Sapura Energy (Malaysia)
  • TechnipFMC (France) / MMHE (Malaysia)
  • China Offshore Oil Engineering Company (China)
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries (South Korea)

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