GlobalData’s latest report, Quarterly Upstream Benchmarking of Supermajors – ExxonMobil Leads with Most Remaining Reserves shows that among supermajors considered Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Eni S.p.A., Chevron Corporation, ExxonMobil Corporation, and Total S.A­ – ExxonMobil leads in terms of remaining reserves for producing, planned and announced fields with 28,069 million barrels of oil equivalent (mmboe) followed by Shell with 27,012mmboe.

Among the supermajors, Shell has the most annual total revenue of $305,179 million in 2017 followed by ExxonMobil with $244,363 million.

ExxonMobil had the highest operating income of US$18,674 million in 2017, followed by Shell with US$15,481 million.

Total had the most M&A deals with 20 over the last four quarters followed by ExxonMobil with 18 deals. In Q4 2017, the two companies signed deals worthS$2,376 million and $1,550 million respectively. In terms of capital raising activity BP leads among the supermajors with 10 and Chevron follows next with seven deals respectively over the last four quarters.

Remaining reserves of supermajors

Source: Upstream Analytics                                                                                                                                                         © GlobalData

Among the planned projects which are expected to start by 2025, Chevron has the highest median for full cycle capex per barrels of oil equivalent (boe), with $18.2/boe. Total and Eni follows with $15.2/boe and $14.7/boe respectively. In terms of break-even oil price, Chevron also has the highest median of $51/bbl, Total follows with $50/bbl.

Net profit margin in 2017, across supermajors was most for ExxonMobil with 12.6%, followed by Chevron with 6.8%.