State-owned upstream operator Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has awarded two contracts, one for rig supply for workover operations and the second for onshore 3D seismic survey services.

The contracts have a combined value of $221m.

KOC has awarded the China-based company Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting (BGP) the onshore 3D seismic surveying contract worth $136.7m.

BGP is a subsidiary of state-owned China National Petroleum Company (CNPC).

The project scope includes a 3D seismic survey for the West Kuwait and Mutriba regions. The duration of work is 1,826 days.

In a statement, BGP said the project will use advanced high-density digital single-channel acquisition technology.

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KOC has also awarded a contract related to rig supply for workover operations to the Egypt-based oil and gas services firm Sino Tharwa Drilling Company.

The value of the contract is $84.5m, and the duration of the project is 1,826 days.

The project’s scope includes the supply of two rigs for workover operations in KOC-operated oil fields.

In February 2021, KOC awarded a $360m workover rig service contract to China’s Sinopec.

In a stock exchange statement at the time, Sinopec said it would supply 10 onshore drilling rigs to KOC over a period of six years.

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