GlobalData’s latest report, “Global New Build Trunk/Transmission Pipelines Projects Outlook to 2026” indicates that a total of 524 new-build trunk/transmission pipelines projects are expected to start operations from 2022 to 2026.  Of these, 376 represent gas pipelines projects, 67 constitute oil pipelines, 65 projects belong to product pipelines, and 16 account for Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) pipelines.

Globally, approximately 217 upcoming pipeline projects are in the construction stage, and are likely to start operations from 2022 to 2026. Approval and feasibility are the other major project stages, with 148 and 93 projects, respectively.

Asia dominates globally with the highest number of pipeline projects (151) by 2026. North America and Europe follow with 108 and 82 pipeline projects, respectively.

The US leads among the countries globally, with 75 pipeline projects expected to start operations by 2026. India and Australia follow with 57 and 28 pipeline projects, respectively.