GlobalData’s report, H2 2018 Global Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook for LNG Liquefaction Terminals – North America to Dominate LNG Liquefaction Capex and Capacity Additions states that the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) liquefaction capacity is expected to grow by 61% during the outlook period (2018–2022), from 412.6 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) in 2018 to 664.3mtpa by 2022.

Among regions, North America accounts for most of the planned and announced liquefaction capacity growth, contributing about 81% of the total global growth. The region is expected to add around 200.1mtpa of liquefaction capacity by 2022. Oceania and Africa follow with expected capacity additions of 17.5mtpa and 12.8mtpa, respectively.

Among countries, the US leads globally with 167mtpa of liquefaction capacity additions by 2022. Australia and Canada follow, with 17.5mtpa and 17.1mtpa, respectively.

Planned and announced LNG liquefaction capacity additions by key countries, 2018–2022

Source: Midstream Analytics  © GlobalData

In terms of new-build capital expenditure (capex) outlook for planned and announced liquefaction projects during the outlook period, among the regions, North America again leads with proposed capex of $248.5bn by 2022. The Former Soviet Union (FSU) has the second-highest capex of $36.9bn, followed by the Middle East with $27.4bn.

Among countries, in terms of new-build capex during the outlook period, the US, Canada, and Russia lead globally with $165.3bn, $70.3bn, and $36.7bn, respectively.

Among companies, Sempra Energy, G2 LNG, and New Times Energy have the most planned and announced LNG liquefaction capacity additions globally by 2022, with capacities of 24.2mtpa, 14.0mtpa, and 12.0mtpa, respectively.

In terms of capex, Qatar Petroleum has the highest proposed capex of $27.7bn to be spent on new-build liquefaction projects in the outlook period. Novatek and Sempra Energy follow with $19.3bn and $15.3bn, respectively.