GlobalData’s latest report, “Global Crude Oil Pipelines Industry Outlook to 2024 Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook with Details of All Operating and Planned Crude Oil Pipelines” indicates that the total length of global trunk/transmission crude oil pipelines is expected to be 380,144 kilometers (km) by 2024.

As of January 2021, there are more than 1,035 operational pipelines with a total length of about 362,882 km. By 2024, 62 planned and announced pipelines are expected to start operations with a total length of 17,262 km.

Among regions, North America continues to dominate with the highest share of 39.8 percent in the global crude oil pipeline length by 2024 with 151,185 km, followed by the Former Soviet Union with 91,092 km and Asia with 33,914 km, respectively.

Among countries, United States stands first with the highest crude oil pipeline systems network of 103,369 km by 2024, followed by Russia, and Canada with 67,901 km, and 42,410 km, respectively.

Among the global crude oil pipeline systems, Transneft Oil System, Lakehead System, Enbridge System, and Ukraine Oil System are the longest active crude oil pipelines with lengths of 51,052 km, 8,080 km, 7,839 km, and 4,767 km, respectively.

As for the upcoming crude oil pipelines globally, Niger–Benin, East African Crude Oil (EACOP), and Jupiter are the longest with lengths of 1,950 km, 1,443 km, and 1,094 km, respectively.