GlobalData’s latest report, “North America Midstream New Build and Expansion Projects Outlook, 2021–2025,” indicates that 244 upcoming midstream projects are expected to start operations during the 2021 to 2025 outlook period. Of these, 225 represent new build projects and 19 are expansions of existing projects.

The trunk/transmission pipelines segment is expected to witness the start of operations of the highest number of projects in the region (103) during 2021–2025. Liquid storage and gas processing segments follow with 56 and 53 projects, respectively.

In terms of trunk/transmission pipelines length additions, the US leads among countries in North America with an upcoming length of 11,747km from 2021 to 2025. Canada and Mexico follow with lengths of 3,579 km and 3,568 km, respectively.

The majority of the upcoming midstream projects in North America are in the construction stage (99), followed by approval and feasibility stages with 78 and 57 projects, respectively.