GlobalData’s latest report, H2 2018 Global Length and Capital Expenditure Outlook for Oil and Gas Pipelines – US Leads with Highest New-Build Pipeline Length Additions, indicates that, a total of 714 planned and announced trunk oil and gas pipelines are expected to come online during the outlook period, 2018–2022. North America will lead with 246 planned and announced pipelines, followed by Asia and Europe 154 and 84 pipelines, respectively.

Asia leads globally in terms of oil and gas pipeline length additions with a total pipeline length of 71,081km. The region is expected to have capital expenditure (capex) of $98.7bn by 2022. North America will be second with a total pipeline length of 55,636km, and expected capex of $164bn by 2022.

The US, India, Russia, Iran, and China will together add around 117,546km, which will constitute around 50% of the total trunk pipeline length to be added globally by 2022. These countries are expected to spend a total of around $252.5bn on new build pipeline additions by 2022.

Planned and announced pipeline length additions by key countries, 2018–2022 (km)

Source: Midstream Analytics, GlobalData Oil and Gas                                     © GlobalData

Among companies, Indian Oil Corporation will lead globally with the highest trunk oil and gas pipeline length additions with 15,100km. China National Petroleum Corporation and Gazprom follow next with new pipeline length additions of 13,706km and 13,553km, respectively.

In terms of capex, Gazprom leads with the highest capex spending of $45.5bn by 2022, China Petrochemical Corp stands second with $33.3bn, followed by TransCanada Corporation with $24.1bn.