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Chevalier Floatels

Floating Accommodation Units and Vessels

Doddendael Estate,
Kootwijkerdijk 2,
3774 JT Kootwijkerbroek Netherlands

Chevalier Floatels has successfully built, owned and operated floating accommodation units and accommodation vessels since the early 2000s to the satisfaction of top-flight clients. The company’s unique expertise is in developing new concepts for floating accommodations. In the last decade, it has developed a wide range of floatels, from five star floating hotels with full facilities to worker accommodation barges, to floating prisons for governments.

With its two recent additions to the fleet, DP Gezina and DP Galyna, Chevalier Floatels has the world’s premiere of state-of-the-art onsite accommodation for the offshore wind, oil and gas industry. Both vessels have a high level of reliability, efficiency and comfort, combined with 85% to 90% operational ability with respect to prevailing conditions. An Ampelmann personnel transfer platform / walkway guarantees safe access to working platforms straight from the vessel.

Chevalier Floatels believes in focusing on doing what it does best: developing and managing floating accommodation facilities. All other expertise and skills are outsourced. This means vessel management, catering and maintenance are all sourced from reputable companies, ensuring that Chevalier Floatels remains focused only on itscore business and satisfaction of customers.

Floating offshore accommodation and transport

In response to the growing European market, Chevalier Floatels has developed a new design concept for staff accommodation and transport to offshore energy installations.

Chevalier Floatels’ ethos is that its vessels are more than just ‘floating accommodations’. The wellbeing and comfort of the crew and technical staff onboard is paramount. However, there is also significant focus on reducing operating costs (including fuel), environmental aspects and reliability.

The two new vessels, DP Gezina and DP Galyna, are built to Lloyds SPS Code class approval and operate as DP2 service support vessels. They are each an ‘all-in-one solution’ being able to transport staff, tools and equipment to and from working locations, whilst at the same time being able to provide overnight accommodation.

Both vessels offer accommodation to 60 people in single-berth cabins, but with a few simple adjustments the vessel can optionally facilitate 90 persons (preparations will be made to enable modification of part of the accommodation to two-berth cabins).

Luxurious facilities

The hull design, in combination with equipment on board, provides the vessels with very pleasant sea keeping characteristics with less downtime as a result.

The high quality finish of the cabins and bathrooms almost give people the illusion that they are on board of a luxury yacht or have checked in an exclusive (land) hotel. TV, internet and game consoles are in every cabin, just to mention some of the facilities on board. Common recreational areas, fitness rooms and 24-hour service are among the other pleasant standards on board.

Thirty day autonomy

The comprehensive propulsion and power plant, combined with top-spec navigation and bridge equipment and integrated automation and monitoring systems, guarantee a safe and reliable voyage.

The water makers, wastewater purification system, (solid) waste management system, conditioned and separate food storage areas, and capacity of the (fuel) tanks provide a 30-day operational duration.

85% to 90% operability

An Ampelmann personnel transfer platform / walkway, which actively compensates for all vessel motions, is fitted on bridge deck. It has been specifically located at a position on the bridge deck that provides optimum access to platform entrances and working decks. This has been designed with the aim of preventing any more dangerous transfers. Even with wave heights of 3m, significant sea states and weather conditions, work can continue, resulting in 85% to 90% operational ability.

Lean fleet management and innovative concepts

Chevalier Floatels is a young energetic company with ten years of experience in the floatel industry. Lean management, combined with innovative design and building techniques, is a characteristic of Chevalier Floatels and inherent to all projects. Projects and vessels are managed in such a way to help the customers meet their (tight) schedules.

Accommodation barges

Chevalier Floatels’ latest project is the purchase of accommodation barge Sans Vitesse, which will also be upgraded according the high standards that are typical for its fleet. After conversion, Sans Vitesse will feature 88 cabins with en-suite bathrooms, restaurant, galley with cold and dry stores, fitness area, offices and laundry facilities.

Whereas DP Gezina and her sister are suitable for ‘unrestricted’ service, Sans Vitesse will be more suitable for sheltered waters and will not be self-propelled. This barge, which will become available soon, will also offer much more than just accommodation.