ELA containers alongside two heavy load transportation vehicles.

NBR Offshore Logistics recently used an ELA offshore living quarter and an ELA offshore storage container as representative loads for the presentation of new heavy load transportation vehicle, the NBR-Crawler.

The NBR-Crawler is a modular system consisting of crawler units. Depending on the demanded transport this units can be combined and controlled in combination. Primary use are off-road-areas and surfaces with inadequate load-bearing ability. Due to modified tracks and particle filters, also a usage in halls is possible.

NBR is only using components of companies that are well-known for their quality. Nikolaus Berzen from NBR Offshore Logistics says: "Reliability and worldwide availability of spare parts have been important for the development."

This demand for quality should be satisfied by the containers that have been used during the presentation that took place in Duisburg, Germany also. "We are very happy about the decision of NBR to use our room modules for the market introduction of the NBR crawler." states ELA Sales Representative Klaus Lüttel.

After the usage of the NBR Crawler it can be disassembled into its components and therefore can be transported in containers. Requirements for assembling and disassembling are a forklift and a small mobile crane. This is keeping down the costs.

ELA Container already gained diverse experiences within the area of Offshore-Logistics and Offshore-Energy. Special Offshore Container for rent and sale serve as storage-, workshop,-office-, kitchen,- recreation and accommodation units. Offshore Container differ from standard units since the coating of Offshore containers is adapted to the special weather conditions at sea which guarantees a long service life, functionality and comfort. Besides, every ELA Offshore Container is checked by the Germanischer Lloyd (GL), possess the CSC approval and receives the DNV 2.7-1 / EN12079-1 offshore approval.

Image: Pictured next to ELA Containers, the NBR-Crawler is capable of transporting loadings of several tonnes on surfaces with inadequate load-bearing ability.