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ELA Container Offshore

Offshore Accommodation for Rent and Sale

Zeppelinstrasse 19-21,
49733 Haren (Ems) Germany

ELA Container Offshore GmbH produces standalone offshore containers for rent and sale to be used on rigs, transformer platforms and all types of seagoing vessels, pontoons and barges.

ELA provides these modules as temporary living quarters, offices, mess rooms, galleys, laundry facilities, recreation or locker rooms for the individual demands of clients. Additionally, ELA also offers a wide range of offshore cargo carrying units.

All containers are ‘Made in Germany’, have the DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079-1 offshore certification.

One type, various accommodation solutions

All 20ft offshore certified containers are provided in the following offshore living quarter designs:

  • ELA Offshore Office
  • ELA Offshore Dining Room
  • ELA Offshore Galley
  • ELA Offshore Small Galley / Coffee Room
  • ELA Offshore Locker Room
  • ELA Offshore Locker Room with Sanitary Unit
  • ELA Offshore Recreation Room
  • ELA Offshore Laundry Facilities
  • ELA Offshore Multipurpose Room
  • ELA Offshore Drying Container

In addition, diverse cargo carrying containers are available.

Flexibility on demand

ELA containers have a variety of benefits, including:

  • Easy handling: due to 20ft dimensions and a weight of only 7.7t
  • Low transport costs: vased on ISO-Norm containers with CSC Approval
  • Space-saving: all containers can be stacked up to four units high
  • Flexible and adaptable to requirements: even during the rental period, accommodation facilities can be extended or changed to the client’s specifications. Various ELA containers can be added, removed or switched and quickly connected with the existing ELA accommodation unit
  • Extendable: all containers can be connected with stairway and gangway containers. Therefore, a complete accommodation facility can be configured, planned and assembled on site
  • Highest quality standards: all containers are ‘Made in Germany’
  • High-safety standards: all containers are A60-insulated and CSC-approved.
  • Ready for immediate use: all containers are ready for immediate use after being connected to the electrical circuit board system, as well as the fresh water and wastewater systems (if necessary)
  • All necessary certifications: all containers are DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079-1 certified
  • Customer orientation is ELA’s constant focus and the key factor to the company’s success. All products are individually customisable, immediately available and ready for use.

About ELA

ELA Container Offshore is part of the ELA Container Group, which has gained experience in the container industry since 1972.

The ELA Container Group employs a staff team of 450 employees. Currently, the onshore and offshore container park encompasses more than 22,000 rental containers. By owning more than 70 trucks, ELA is able to transport containers to every European harbor and from there, to every destination in the world.

A key objective of the ELA Container Offshore is to provide various accommodation requirements within standard 20ft containers for the offshore wind, oil and gas, dredging and pipe-laying industry.

Offshore Carrying Units

This white paper from temporary living quarters provider ELA-Container details the scope of ELA offshore cargo-carrying containers and units.

Offshore Accommodation Units

This white paper from temporary living quarters provider ELA-Container details the scope of ELA offshore containers and accessories.

ELA Container Offshore to Support Wind Energy Conference in Galveston, Texas

Germany-based offshore accommodation specialist ELA Container Offshore is pleased to announce that it will be holding a conference to share ideas relating to the ’Energiewende’ as part of a collaboration with the company’s US-based subsidiary and the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern US (GACC).

ELA Container Offshore Provides Offshore Accommodation for Van Oord

ELA Container Offshore GmbH delivered two offshore offices, as well as six offshore living quarters to the Dutch company Van Oord. They will be used on Van Oord's accommodation pontoon 'Astrachan'. The 'Astrachan' is 60m-long and 15m-wide and already has accommodation facilities on board.

ELA Container Offshore Expands Operations to Houston, US

The northern Germany specialist for mobile offshore rooms and modules, ELA Container Offshore GmbH, has hired two new employees for the area of business development in North America. Recently founded in August 2014, ELA Container Offshore now calls nine employees their own.

ELA Container Offshore GmbH joins FPAL

ELA completed the qualification questionnaire and finished its profile at First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL), which is an oil and gas supply chain database.

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49733 Haren (Ems)


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