heerema control room

ELA Container Offshore GmbH is pleased to announce the successful delivery of an Offshore Office Container unit to the Netherlands-based offshore construction firm Heerema Marine Contractors.

The container was placed on board their semi-submersible crane vessel (SSCV) Thialf and was used as a control room to operate their anchor winches.

Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) is a world-leading marine contractor in the international offshore oil and gas industry and excels at transporting, installing and removing offshore facilities.

These include fixed and floating structures, subsea pipelines and infrastructures in shallow waters, deep and ultra-deep waters.

The Thialf is their largest SSCV and capable of a tandem lift of 14,200t (15,600 short tonnes). Its two cranes provide for a depth reach lowering capability as well as a heavy lift capacity to install topsides.

This multi-functional dynamic positioned SSCV is customized for the installation of foundations, moorings, SPARs, TLPs, and integrated topsides, as well as pipelines and flowlines.

ELA Container Offshore business development manager Frank ter Haak explained: "Originally HMC was looking for a 10ft office container to monitor the work; however, we managed to convince them in using our standard 20ft offshore office container to serve as a control room.

"The container was needed on short notice and we managed to adjust the interior for installing their monitors and further inventory."

HMC equipment management NFE Water de Winter said: "The container was placed on top of our winch container and a stairway and platform was built from scaffolding, providing us a perfect view on the hoses over the stern of the Thialf. We were very pleased with the way things were handled by ELA Container Offshore."

ELA Container Offshore managing director Hans Gatzemeier added: "During past offshore projects we recognised the need to deliver containers immediately or just within a few days. To be able to promise and realize an on-time delivery to our clients, we start producing new containers for our fleet as soon as stock is low.

"Again, this was a perfect example of how quick we can provide a solution to our clients. We are of course delighted and proud to have served Heerema Marine Contractors this way, and we hope to have demonstrated our quality product and excellent service."

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