ELA Container Offshore delivered a 10ft offshore container solution for WINDEA Offshore that is equipped as a mobile rescue container. After a short planning and production time, the first container of this type has been finished and delivered in June.

Injuries and diseases in offshore windfarms always mean big challenges. The WINDEAcare concept offers a holistic acute and emergency medical care service. Part of that concept is a fully equipped rescue helicopter, which, however, in various cases, for example, during bad weather conditions cannot be used.

For this then upcoming need for a patient transport on an appropriate vessel, this container solution has been developed as supplement by WINDEAcare partner companies.

The ‘MEDICbox’ is a mobile 10ft ELA Container solution with DNV 2.7-1/ EN 12079-1 certification and provides an adequate alternative to flight solutions whenever medical care cannot be provided by helicopter.

"Using the MEDICbox on a suitable vessel, patients can be treated professionally on site and transported immediately," says Caspar Spreter, managing director of WINDEA Offshore.

The MEDICbox provides modern telemedicine equipment, direct media connection to a telemedicine center onshore and can be used on various vessel types. It provides medicine and medical equipment to ensure EMS treatments in case of medical emergencies. All equipment fulfills the latest valid offshore- and medical treatment area guidelines.

Due to the included stable satellite connection with guaranteed bandwidth of the MEDICbox it is possible with the telemedicine device to interact in real time with an emergency medical technician with audiovisual communication, to monitor vital signs and to forward them to the telemedicine centre.

"The compact design ensures effective treatment in the container and only needs a small part of the vessel capacity," explains Caspar Spreter.

"We are very satisfied with the on-schedule project execution, the competent team of ELA and the high quality of the container," concludes Spreter.

"Especially the timely completion of the container in June made us very happy since we were able to present the container and concept for the first time at the WINDFORCE conference in Bremerhaven."

The mobile MEDICbox, same as all ELA Offshore Containers, is ‘made in Germany’ and has the DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079-1 and CSC certificate. Depending on customer requirements, ELA Offshore containers are individually customised, immediately ready for use and are available at short notice.