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New Office Building for ELA Container Offshore in Haren, Germany

Harem, Germany, office.

As of 1 August 2016, the ELA Container Offshore has moved into its new office building based in Haren, Germany.

In line with the second anniversary of the company, the ELA Offshore Team is excited to move into a new, bigger office building. Designed in maritime style the ‘offshore’ theme is ever-present in the office.

"We are very happy with our new office and are exited to further expand the ELA Container Offshore," says Hans Gatzemeier, managing director of ELA Container Offshore.

The new building offers space for 12 offices, a reception area, two kitchen facilities, one meeting room and sanitary facilities. Thus the team, which currently counts ten employees, has enough space for further expansions.

With immediate effect, the ELA Container Offshore GmbH can be reached under +49 5932 7323-500

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