siddis mariner  containers

ELA Container Offshore has completed delivery of two 20ft Offshore Multipurpose Containers to Germany-based company Siem Offshore Contractors.

The containers were installed on board the ‘Siddis Mariner’, which is currently operating as a walk-to-work service operation vessel (SOV) on an offshore wind farm located in the North Sea.

The offshore wind farm is located about 100km north of the island Borkum and comprises 80 wind turbines, with a total capacity of 400MW.

Siem Offshore Contractors (SOC) was founded in Germany in 2003, and became a direct subsidiary of the Norwegian Siem Offshore Group in 2011.

Siem Offshore Contractor’s is a leading provider of subsea cable installation, maintenance and repair for both the oil and gas, as well as renewable energy markets, with a particular focus on the offshore wind, wave & tidal energy. SOC has made the decision to buy the container system.

The two 20ft offshore containers were designed, manufactured and delivered by ELA as a two-room system. By removing two side walls, a mobile space with a total area of 24m² was created.

This design is certified according to DNV 2.7-1 and therefore meets the highest international offshore standards.

The containers are equipped as one large changing room with two free-standing clothing racks made of seawater-resistant type 316 stainless steel, which can be used for drying up to 48 work suits as well as 26 double-door lockers for clothing or private items.

The dressing room has two benches and an 800mm x 800mm A60 window, offering a good overview of the main deck of the ship.

ELA Container managing director Hans Gatzemeier said: "The project has once again shown that ELA Offshore can meet customer requirements, develop a solution and implement it within a very short time."

The containers were mounted on-board the Siddis Mariner, where they were placed in front of the bridge and stacked on top of other containers on a custom made steel foundation. Both the assembly work and the interconnection of the A60 insulation were carried out by experienced ELA technicians.

Siem Offshore Contractors IRM manager Jan Holtermann stated: "We received only positive feedback from the crew at the Siddis Mariner and are very satisfied with the smooth project process."

ELA Container Offshore already has diverse experience in the Offshore-Wind and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Whether on pontoons, transformer platforms, rigs or supply vessels, ELA Container is the ideal partner, offering tailor-made concepts for all requirements in the form of living quarters, offices, dining rooms, galleys, laundries, recreation or locker rooms, and all types of carrying units.