vbms ndeavor

ELA Container Offshore is pleased to announce the successful delivery of an ELA Offshore Multipurpose Room to the Netherlands-based company VBMS.

The unit will be used on-board their MV Ndeavor, a 7,500DWT DP-2 vessel, which was built and outfitted for cable-lying in 2013 by Boskalis.

VBMS is a subsidiary of Royal Boskalis Westminster NV, specialised in subsea power cable installation, balance of plant maintenance for the renewable market, SURF installation for the oil and gas market and installation of interconnectors.

After delivery of the Multipurpose Room to the VBMS warehouse in Moerdijk in The Netherlands, the container was transferred to a state of the art control room to be used to operate their ROV Trenchers, which lay and bury power cables in shallow and deep water.

The control room provides capacity for two persons to monitor the ROV on multiple screens.

The customer was looking for a high-quality room to accommodate their ROV monitoring systems and crew in a comfortable and safe environment.

ELA Offshore containers are ‘made in Germany’ and are compliant with all necessary health and safety regulations to provide high quality accommodation.

ELA Container business development manager Frank ter Haak said: "Since the lead time was very short and the deadline of the project was approaching rapidly, we were able to deliver the container from stock on very short notice.

"The container was painted in VBMS house colours, enabling our customer to install all their equipment and run tests before starting the project onboard."

VBMS subsea equipment supervisor Jas Bes added: "After arrival of the container we were very pleased with the high quality finishing and the superb insulation.

"We were particularly pleased with the fact that both A60 marine doors were equipped with a window, in order to have day light entering the room during work shifts."

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