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Weight is a crucial factor in the construction and operation of offshore platforms, and with many of today’s topsides having already reached their limits, the ability to manage this weight is increasingly being taken back to the drawing board.

Established in 2010, H2M was born from the recognition that there needed to be a radical change in approach to the design of temporary offshore accommodation modules if the term ‘lightweight’ was to be meaningful.

The business, which operates alongside its sister company Héroult Marine Modules, has been set up to fabricate, market, sell and lease high-quality, lightweight accommodation modules that are safe, durable, well-equipped and comfortable.

One to four-man offshore modules

Overseeing each stage of the modules’ design and development, H2M’s management unveiled a range of one to four-man offshore modules in April 2011.

Produced at a facility in Montfoort, Holland, the modules are available in two standard sizes of 15ft and 33ft. The 15ft unit is designed as a standalone self-supporting two-man sleeper module, whilst the larger module can be configured for a number of applications, including accommodation, mess room, laundry, recreation, meeting room, lab or engineering workspace, and medical space. built Alongside standard size units, H2M can also build custom sizes on request.

Lightweight aluminium accommodation modules

With many of the temporary accommodation module solutions on the market made of steel, H2M settled upon a lightweight construction of aluminium, which is less than half the weight of the comparable steel units. Equally, units are insulated to meet the IMO/SOLAS A60 fire regulations as standard, and have notable non-corrosive properties.

H2M’s modules are ideal for use in size or load-restricted areas, making them suitable for supply into the offshore renewable energy, oil and gas, offshore construction, and dive markets.

H2M’s modules raise the bar on build quality, energy efficiency and workforce comfort, delivering superior standards of workmanship and finish both inside and out.

Space-saving, innovative interior features

The modules incorporate a host of space-saving design features, the latest safety and emergency escape technology, and high-specification materials and equipment throughout. This ensures that the durability of the modules, and the convenience and wellbeing of personnel, has been addressed at every level.

The interior is a challenge to the status quo of the modular accommodation business as we wanted to show that interiors can be different and, in effect, we are able to design and outfit to any client’s requirements.

Forward-thinking solutions for excess weight

Many customers have a problem with excess weight offshore, and H2M can help to address this with our lightweight temporary accommodation. We see that for a lot of these platforms, more and more equipment and machinery is being utilised, but the rig’s overall weight needs to remain the same. Thus, ever lighter accommodation is needed. There is also a move towards lighter initial platform and vessel constructions, which will need solutions to match.

H2M keeps innovating to ensure that we can solve weight problems in temporary offshore accommodation. We are able to provide solutions to meet issues concerning security, weight and, above all, comfort.

Lightweight Accommodation Modules

Less than half the weight of comparable steel units, H2M's linkable and stackable modules are not only easier to transport and mobilise; they enable twice the number of personnel to be accommodated within the same weight-restricted space.


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