Since 1983, SIM has been an international leader in accommodation / offices and engineering modules in the offshore and onshore petroleum industry. We are trusted by multinational companies such as Pioneer (US), ENI (Italy), Shell (Tunisia), Serept (Tunisia), WEC (China), Great Wall (China), BG Group, and more.

Our goal is to ensure the best quality in the shortest lead times possible, with all required equipment to satisfy our clients and comply with the international norms and certificates. We offer standard products as well as VIP and customised ones. Recommended by international companies, we are looking to be pioneers in our field.

Offshore and onshore accommodation / offices

In addition to the modules and construction we supply within the offshore and onshore building department, we offer the following:

  • Workplace modules
  • Living quarters
  • Mobile residence / hotels

All ranges of modules are equipped with the necessary and required equipment, including furniture, HVAC, computing, lightening, etc.

SIM is a leading provider of accommodation / offices and engineering modules to the offshore industry.
We provide workplace modules and living quarters to the offshore industry.
All modules are equipped with the necessary and required equipment, including furniture, HVAC, computing, lightening, etc.
We offer engineering modules for the offshore industry.
We supply solar-powered modules.

All of our offshore and onshore construction is fireproof and soundproof (up to 75Db). We know the arduous conditions in onshore and offshore petroleum sites and try our best to make living and working in our modules as comfortable as possible.

Engineering modules for the offshore industry

Within our engineering modules department, we offer the following modules and constructions:

  • Freezer / chiller modules
  • MCC and battery rooms
  • IT rooms
  • Telecom cabins / shelters
  • Pressurised cabins
  • MWD cabins
  • Radiation-proof modules
  • Blast-proof modules

Special modules and modular construction

SIM offers a wide range of special modules:

  • Mobile clinics
  • Hangars
  • Heavy-duty shelters
  • Industrial heavy-duty doors
  • Gas station construction and panels
  • Charging ramps

Customised offshore module

Our modules are inter-changeable, extensible and can be linked easily for better use and fitting with the space available. We also provide a VIP option, which offers top comfort and agronomical selection. We have several standard dimensions (finished):

  • Length: 3m, 6m, 9m and 12m
  • Width: 3m
  • Height: 3m
  • Customised dimensions available

Solar-powered offshore modules

Our modules can be totally energy independent with our solar option and equipped with wind or solar photovoltaic energy power.

Refurbishment of existing construction / modules / cabins

SIM refurbishes existing construction / modules / cabins, ranging from equipment to the construction itself. With more than 25 years of extensive experience and know-how in the modular construction, we are certain to offer high-quality, speed and value to our clients.

For any further details or information please visit our website. Technical data sheets are provided on demand. A technical manual is offered at the end of each project along with a warranty, certified drawings and tests under International Bureau (VERTITAS, etc.).