redguard signing

Specialist Services Group has announced a joint venture with US-based RedGuard that will offer high-quality modular buildings to the offshore and drilling segments of the oil and gas sector across the Western Hemisphere, with particular focus on the US Gulf Coast.

The new joint venture Specialist Services RedGuard, located in Houston, combines the best assets and talents of both parent companies.

Specialist Services Group, with headquarters in Dubai, is a leading manufacturer of zone 1 offshore and accommodation modules, supported by extensive design and engineering capabilities in its manufacturing facilities.

RedGuard has the world’s largest fleet of ready-to-lease blast-resistant buildings and extensive experience in the provision of field-tested, customised modules for blast and ballistic applications.

With 50 years of combined experience behind it, Specialist Services RedGuard will be able to immediately address the need for zone 1 modules, accommodations and custom solutions across the Western Hemisphere.

Specialist Services Group CEO Ian Rogers said: "We are pleased to be working on a joint venture with RedGuard again, this time in a geographic area of their familiarity, to introduce the high-quality range of products that we’ve been designing, engineering and manufacturing for many years.

"Our accommodation modules deliver a world class experience, as well as protect the lives and assets of customers in some of the world’s most hazardous and challenging environments."

RedGuard president Darren Hillman said: "We have a unique opportunity to combine the knowledge, experience, leadership, and the culture of two well-established companies in each of our respective markets.

"We’ve hired Tim Murphy as Director of Sales and Business Development. He brings a decade of high-level, offshore business management experience to further our commitment to developing solutions that aid our customers in expanding their operational capabilities and keep their personnel and assets safe and productive."

The two companies have previously partnered on a joint venture known as RedGuard Specialist Services that introduced RedGuard’s blast-resistant products to key areas in the Middle East, Europe and South East Asia.