TLQ project

Specialist Services Group has announced that GPK Marine Management Services Group FZ-LLC, operators of self-propelled, self-elevating liftboats, extended their contract for 50-POB TLQ complex with Specialist Services. With the contract extension, GPK also awards Specialist Services to increase the POB capacity of the existing facility aboard the Dixie Patriot vessel requiring Specialist Services to provide additional units to support 103 POB along with their ancillary support modules.

To comply with GPK’s requirement, Specialist Services had to integrate the additional modules with the existing cabins already on the Dixie Patriot. A new laydown design had to be implemented, which required Specialist Services to accomplish major tasks such as fabrication of new walkways and stairways, transport of additional modules and other material, rearrangement of existing modules to incorporate the additional cabins, and reconfiguration of piping and electrical connections to and from the TLQ complex. Experienced personnel from Specialist Services started the installation in AHI, Ajman and concluded commissioning activities in Drydocks, Dubai.

"As a significant rental project award with 38 modules supporting 103 POB, the completion of this TLQ extension for GPK signifies yet another important milestone for Specialist Services Group," said Kevin Murphy, manager – hire and service business unit at Specialist Services.

GPK opted to award Specialist Services the contract extension and modification following a new award in KSA, where the client required the additional POB capacity on their vessel. GPK decided to award the work to Specialist Services because of their successful completion of previous modular multi-purpose TLQ projects.

David Faulkner, managing director at GPK Marine Management Services said: "The project was awarded to GPK with short notice and short mobilization time. With the teamwork and professionalism of suppliers such as Specialist Services we were able to complete the necessary modifications and installation not only in time but to the satisfaction of our client."

In partnership with GPK Marine Management Services, Specialist Services were able to yet again accomplish the demanding task of delivering on time without compromising on the quality of the project execution.