In June 2016, Specialist Services have been awarded a rental contract for the supply of a 77-module, 150-man TLQ complex, complete with walkway and stairwell system for Zakher Marine International. This is Specialist Services’ single largest rental contract to date and has a minimum contract duration of more than 20 months. All modules are compliant with the stringent ABS code and can be installed on ABS-classed vessels worldwide.

Zakher Marine International provides services to the offshore oil and gas industries, as well as offshore marine construction companies, and is clearly focused on client satisfaction and retention. The company was established in Abu Dhabi in 1984. In the past ten years, Zakher Marine has achieved remarkable growth and built new vessels to meet the high standards and requirements of local and international clients. Zakher Marine currently operate more than 35 offshore support vessels.

The TLQ comprises 75 A60 Accommodation Modules and additional recreation facilities. The complex has been installed on-board of Zakher Marine’s new QMS Pearl jack up barge in September, to be used for accommodating Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) personnel offshore Abu Dhabi for the duration of this contract.

HIRE & Service manager Kevin Murphy said: "This is one of the largest TLQ projects in the world today, which was awarded to Specialist Services based on our ability to design, supply and certify this complex project with a delivery to site lead time of only four weeks."

A concentrated effort by Specialist Services’ experienced team was necessary to facilitate the level of up front detailed engineering and commercial input required by Zakher Marine.

Kevin Murphy concluded: "Our teams in Jebel Ali yard and on site in Abu Dhabi worked tirelessly for four weeks to complete the project in this short lead time, demonstrating outstanding dedication and excellent work."

Following the completion of the works on site, Zakher Marine engineer superintendent Ammar Samara sent Specialist Services an appreciation letter congratulating the team on their ‘successful completion of the Extra Modules to accommodate 150 persons accommodation project at QMS Pearl’.

This project represents another example of the professionalism, quality and reliability of the products and services that Specialist Services provide to all their customers, which helps them to continue keeping ahead of the economic downturn, even in the currently challenging oil and gas market.