For more than 35 years, Transerve has been a leading specialist contractor of accommodation modules and technical buildings for offshore platforms and marine vessels. With headquarters in Singapore, the Transerve Group of Companies is best positioned to service the offshore, oil and gas and marine industries in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

Offshore accommodation modules / living quarters

Transerve’s offshore accommodation modules are engineered for oil and gas companies to safely and comfortably house their manpower working on offshore platforms and marine vessels. The modules can be configured to accommodate any number of individuals and are also A60 fire rated with ABS or DNV certification with the option for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas.

The Transerve modular design offers many benefits:

  • They can be stacked or linked together to accommodate whatever available space on the platform
  • They are lightweight and can be designed to be lifted using the platform crane without the need for an offshore crane barge
  • They can be furnished and equipped as radio and communication rooms, offices, ablution units, mess halls and galleys, recreation rooms, gymnasiums, cold rooms, dry stores, clinics, laboratories and workshops
  • Transerve maintains a fleet of stock inventories for outright purchase or rental

Transerve can offer customised living quarters based on clients’ requirements:

Our team of engineers and technicians are leading specialist contractors of living quarters for the oil and gas, petrochemical and mining industries.
Transerve constructed living quarters, complete with a helideck, on an offshore platform for Marathon Petroleum in Indonesia.
Transerve installed a control module inside the Molikpaq drilling and oil production platform for Sakhalin Energy.
The OMV/Clough Maari Field Development Wellhead Platform installed a Transerve switchroom, complete with electrical and instrumentation system.
Due to our modular design, our living quarters can be arranged to accommodate your available platform space.
  • Temporary living quarters to support offshore temporary hook-up and commissioning work
  • Additional living quarters to increase the number of occupants onboard the platform or vessel
  • Living quarters and helideck as a single-lift block
  • These can be built to withstand blast ratings, seismic and cyclonic weather conditions, extreme temperatures of ±40oC, fire ratings of A60/ H120/ J30, and hazardous and corrosive environments

Engineering design, structures and architectural outfitting

Transerve is best positioned to support our client’s operations.

  • The company’s engineering office in Singapore has an extensive track record of front end and detail design work and shop drawings; Transerve works with certification bodies such as ABS / DNV / BV
  • Transerve has facilities for structural steel fabrication and outfitting work, including pressurised HVAC systems, fire and gas, electrical and instrumentation, communication and navigation, mechanical and piping equipment
  • Its documentation and work systems comply to ISO 9001:2008 quality management procedures and the company has a network of sub-suppliers to support its projects
  • It maintains a team of multi-disciplined engineers and technicians who can provide on-site support and hook-up and installation work offshore
  • The company has an extensive track record of successful projects and satisfied customers

Offshore platform maintenance and refurbishment

Besides new-build construction, Transerve is also able to support its clients in their offshore platform maintenance and refurbishment work. The company has completed some projects within a very short time frame and with no lost time injury (LTI), in view of minimising operational downtime.

Research and development

Transerve is keen to work with its clients and/or partners to develop new technology, such as aluminium multipurpose vessels, relocatable offshore production units (ROPUs) and floating production support units (FPSUs).

About Transerve

Transerve’s multi-disciplinary team has been providing customised engineering solutions to offshore industries all around the world through services such as project management, engineering design, procurement, fabrication and installation. Our products have been used in a wide variety of work environments and locations, such as oil rigs, marine vessels, well-head platforms, tugs and barges, where durability and reliability are essential to the success of the project.