Argus Remote Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric work-class remote-operated vessels (ROVs) for the offshore sector.

The company’s range of electric ROVs varies from small observation (OBS) class to larger work-class vessels.

Electrical ROVs for offshore and subsea applications

Argus Remote Systems specialises in the design and manufacturing of electric-powered ROVs for the offshore and marine industries. The company has a wide variety of systems such as the observation class Argus Mini and the work-class Argus Worker XL.

TMS skid with Mini ROV 6,000m
Argus Mariner 1,500m
Argus Mini ROV 6,000m version with 4k camera
Poseidon control software
Argus Mariner XL 6,000m with skid
Argus Rover 1,000m
Poseidon control software

For the larger models, the company uses AC motor technology, which acts as an equivalent to the AC motors on hydraulic power units (HPU), but its lightweight, smaller design makes its electric ROVs more flexible for additional applications when compared with hydraulically powered ROVs. Smaller Argus ROVs use DC motor technology.

Control and handling systems for electric ROVS

Every ROV supplied by Argus Remote Systems comes with a handling system and umbilical cabling. The company also integrates launch and recovery system (LARS) winches and components with an optional tether management system (TMS).

The production processes of the control systems are performed in-house, from drawing the circuit boards to assembling the finished product, which means that clients have a reliable source for spare parts for the next 20 years.

All systems can be customised to suit the needs, requirements or specifications of the client.

Highly configurable control software

In 2019, Argus introduced the new control software for ROV, TMS and other systems, which is called Poseidon. The Poseidon software is suitable for all Argus electronic boards and many third-party sensors and cameras. It is highly configurable to accommodate customers requests and use Windows OS so it can be run on virtually any computer. In 2021, Station Keeping will be implemented in the software for even more functions.

Ultra-high-definition video equipment

Argus Remote Systems is also a leading provider of high-quality lighting and video content.

Argus was one of the first industrial companies to introduce high-definition (HD) video content on its vessels, so clients can capture clear underwater images, even in murky waters, which increases the effectiveness during visual surveys. Argus also manufactures 4k cameras for even clearer underwater images. 4k Video is sent uncompressed to the surface.

Operators also benefit from the 4k and HD quality so that they can manage the vessel more proficiently.

About Argus Remote Systems

Based in Bergen, Norway, Argus Remote Systems was established in 1992 with ROV market experts. The company has been manufacturing electric propulsion ROV over the last 30 years, due to its increased efficiency in comparison with hydraulic propulsion ROVs.

The company has two main business areas, namely the production of standard ROVs and the development and sale of client-specified systems and customised tooling.

Argus Remote Systems is NS-EN 9001 and NS-EN 14001-qualified and a member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).