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Cutting-Edge Sonar and Navigation Equipment for Subsea Environments

Blueprint Subsea specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative navigation solutions for marine and subsea environments.

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Blueprint Subsea specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative navigation solutions for marine and subsea environments.

Our product range includes acoustic sonar equipment and diver positioning aids, as well as signalling beacons and modems and ROV maintenance tools.

We are dedicated to combining the latest advancements in marine tracking and navigation technology with user-friendly ergonomics and functionality.

Side-scanning sonar products for marine sites

Our StarFish side-scanning sonar units provide customers with a premium quality underwater imaging solution, incorporating cutting-edge signal processing techniques and acoustic technologies at an affordable price.

Blueprint’s simple and intuitive StarFish sonar equipment features ‘plug-and-play’ USB connectivity and are compatible with both mains and battery power supplies for easy and efficient deployment.
Our transponder beacons can track the positions of multiple assets at any given time, while maintaining bi-directional data transmission in real time.
The ergonomic, handheld Artemis GPS navigation system is ideal for subsea search-and-rescue and asset retrieval operations.
Blueprint offers a number of modular, heavy-duty marine maintenance tools to ensure ROV repair and service activities can be performed in a quick and hassle-free manner.
The Oculus M750d features dual-frequency capabilities and a maximum detection range of 120m when operating at 750kHz, while maintaining a full 130° field of vision.

StarFish systems are highly mobile and ideal for use in port and harbour surveys, wreck locating, and search-and-recovery (SAR) applications, having been designed for single-person deployment in shallow water depths of 30m.

These units feature a simple ‘plug-and-play’ set-up consisting of a topbox that connects directly to the user’s PC / laptop via USB connection and can be powered by either mains (AC) or battery-based (DC) systems, ensuring maximum convenience and compatibility with users’ existing on-site power sources.

Multi-beam imaging sonar technology for offshore operations

Blueprint’s Oculus M series of multi-beam sonars present clients with the very latest innovations in imaging sonar equipment in a small-scale, lightweight and robust package. This makes them the perfect solution for use across a number of environments ranging from smaller, micro-sized platforms to larger subsea infrastructure.

Our popular Oculus M750d is a dual-frequency, general-purpose unit that offers a range capability of up to 120m at 750kHz and 40m at 1.2MHz, with 130° and 80° horizontal fields of vision respectively.

Acoustic positioning beacons for the oil and gas industry

Our SeaTrac X100 series is a suite of complementary, multi-purpose tracking and data modems that operate using a broadband spread spectrum signalling scheme via micro-USBL connections.

These acoustic transponder beacons are able to track the position of several assets and undertake two-way data exchange processes simultaneously, making them an invaluable solution for a number of offshore applications such as:

  • Remote operation and monitoring of sensors and equipment
  • ROV navigation and positioning tasks
  • Real-time AUV navigation, mission adjustments and telemetry
  • Diver buddy and dive-bell / surface vessel tracking
  • Gathering of water temperature, remote and local depth, and attitude and heading reference (AHRS) information
  • Location and retrieval of assets on the ocean floor

Individual beacons can be configured by the user with unique identification codes, allowing up to 15 units to gather, exchange and broadcast acoustic data to each other and remote networks using a request / response process.

The beacons’ integrated sensors are also able to provide information such as depth, temperature, pitch and supply voltage through the systems’ remote interrogating modem.

Versatile diver navigation equipment for subsea activities

Blueprint’s Artemis device is a handheld, modular console that can be configured as both a GPS-supported underwater navigation aid and diver target detection sonar.

The unit was initally designed to assist search-and-rescue and commercial diver teams locate and retrieve objects on the seabed. However, the system has also been successfully optimised for deployment in explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) and naval mine clearance applications.

Our Artemis systems are intuitive and straightforward to operate, and feature a simple menu interface that allows users to quickly access the required information, as well as an easy five-button configuration that has been specially designed by divers for divers.

Rugged tooling solutions for remote-operated vehicles

We offer a versatile range of modular, hard-wearing tools designed to aid operators in carrying out ROV unit maintenance and repair procedures as swiftly and efficiently as possible, while keeping downtime to a minimum.

Our popular RTK1 toolkit is a compact yet highly functional set of equipment that can be used for both small and large scale tasks in harsh environments, and includes tools for applications as varied as cathodic protection readings, cleaning submerged structures, measuring marine growth, as well as cutting rope up to 25mm thickness.

Tools are supplied in a lightweight stainless-steel box for added protection and ease of transportation.

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  • Skogul Oilfield, North Sea

    The Skogul oilfield (formerly Storklakken) is located in the central part of the Norwegian North Sea within production licence (PL) 460, approximately 30km north-east of the Alvheim field.

Products & services

  • Artemis Diver Sonar and Navigator

    Blueprint's Artemis system is a handheld underwater computer solution that incorporates a GPS navigation aid and target detection sonar device, which has been specifically designed to assist search-and-rescue and commercial divers when locating objects on the seabed.

  • GPS Navigator

    Blueprint's GPS Navigator is a handheld solution designed to assist commercial, research and search and rescue divers navigate between specific underwater points, while also providing access to a GPS-based fixed position.

  • Oculus M-Series Sonars

    Blueprint's Oculus M series is a line of next-generation compact multi-beam imaging sonar systems, designed for use across a wide variety of subsea applications.

  • StarFish Side-Scanning Sonars

    Blueprint's StarFish systems are a range of innovative side-scanning sonar units that combine the latest acoustic technology and signal processing techniques to bring you a high-quality underwater imaging solution at an economical price.

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