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Air / Mixed Gas and Saturation Diving Services, Construction and Laying of Pipelines and Mine Clearance

Drafinsub is a leading company in the field of underwater works, with the capacity to undertake any project using air / mixed diving in shallow water or saturation diving in deep water.


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Air / mixed gas and saturation diving services

Drafinsub is a leading company on underwater works, with the capacity to undertake any project using air diving in shallow water or saturation diving in deep water. Thanks to its continual and targeted investment into human and technological resources, the company has the best technical support available on the market and the most highly qualified professionals ready to take on any challenge while guaranteeing excellent safety standards. Drafinsub’s experienced and certified technicians combine reliability in respecting schedules and deadlines with impeccable safety standards, whether working in Italy or abroad.

The company has grown exponentially over the past five years, and for this reason decided to expand its core business activities to include also mine clearance. Furthermore we provide hydrography, geomorphology, topographical analysis, and underwater surveys with multibeam, sub bottom profiler and side-scan sonar.

Drafinsub operates under ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001 management systems.

The Raffaella saturation system is designed for easy transportation and installation.
The Raffaella deep water portable saturation system.
Shallow water diving using air gas.
Offshore mine clearance.
Subsea pipeline construction.

Portable saturation diving system for deep waters

Drafinsub has a modern saturation system for operations in deep water named Raffaella, designed with a capacity for 6/4 divers and a maximum operating depth up to 200m of seawater.

The saturation diving system is containerised for easy transportation, installation, and occupies an area of 70m². Raffaella is compliant with IMCA D018 – D024.

Shallow water air / mixed gas diving

Since 1977, Drafinsub has been working in shallow water operations and has built up an exceptional reputation for safety and quality. Technicians are certified to perform non-destructive testing (NDT) and in-water surveys on ships and offshore platforms.

Drafinsub also carries out a lot of welding repairs on vessel hulls. Its welding divers are certified in accordance with EN ISO 15618-1 regulations.

Reclamation for explosive devices

Drafinsub carries out both underwater and land mine clearance, and is authorised for mine clearance by all major certification societies. The company is also authorised by the Italian Ministry of Defence to perform any kind of operations involving the clearance of mines and unexploded bombs. This field of operation includes inland waters, including canals, rivers and lakes.

Activities and methods include:

  • Surface mine clearance (1.2m below ground or sea level)
  • Deep mine clearance with hydraulic drills (10m below ground or sea level)
  • Excavation assistance in preparation for mine clearance
  • Suction dredging of lakes, lagoons or canals

All underwater activities are performed in compliance with 2010 UNI 11366 standards.

Construction and laying of pipelines

Drafinsub is an industry leader in the construction and laying of subsea pipelines at depths of up to 70m. Pipelay barge Meridio I is specially designed to optimise construction times. Welders are certified in accordance with API 1104 regulations and EN-ISO 15618-1 and pipes are constructed in accordance with API 1104 regulations.

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