offshore cctv

The LSP1 offshore platform, built by DRILLMEC, started his activity in May 2016 on the Caspian Sea as part of LUKOIL project for Vladimir Filanovsky Field. Drillereye Technology for video surveillance has been used on-board to monitor the field’s operation, improving the safety and efficiency.

CCTV System description

The video control system installed on the offshore rig allows the remote monitoring of Derrick’s operation through the Rig’s SCADA system.

Specifically, the driller operator, the driller assistant and the derrick operator could display on their client’s monitor the live images coming from cameras and, if enabled, they could control the CCTV cameras. The system comprises with four Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras, suited for installation in EEx area, and is located at the positions of Racking board, Driller floor, Derrick, Rack right system.

A fifth fixed EEx camera, with motorised zoom, has been installed on the Derrick crane’s calliper to give at derrick’s operator the complete visual about derrick’s crane operations.

The CCTV main control cabinet contains the circuit breaker for each device, the DC power supply, the video encoders, the ethernet switch and the PLC that command all cameras’ movement.

The four PTZ camera are connected to the control panel by cable (Armored and mud resistant), Wi-Fi devices connect the fifth fixed camera. The plant’s SCADA system (IGNITION Platform) manages all CCTV cameras by specific graphical pages that display the various live images and, depending on the operator authority, allow him to command one or more specific PTZ.

A redundant servers system performs the images recording using the MILESTONE software platform. The CCTV system has been engineered to work at 230VAC/50Hz, to be installed in the marine/offshore environment, with operating temperatures (for all devices installed outdoor) between -30°C to 36°C.