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CCTV Solutions for Land and Offshore Rigs

Drillereye is the oil and gas division of Ekotec Sistemi, a leading company in industrial automation, security and safety, as well as integrated control systems.

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Drillereye is the oil and gas division of Ekotec Sistemi, a leading company in industrial automation, security and safety, as well as integrated control systems.

Surveillance and security products for the offshore industry

Drillereye specialises in turnkey CCTV solutions for the oil and gas industry, mainly for land and offshore rigs. The company designs, installs and maintains complete systems, both for ATEX and for safe areas, which operate in every condition and environment.

Drillereye’s CCTV products work as a standalone solution or as part of an existing rig control systems, which improve the drilling platform’s safety, security and profitability.

The company performs quick installation on newly built or existing rigs, as well as providing assistance and support 24/7.

Drillereye’s modular solutions are customisable according to the different requirements of drillers.
Drillereye’s fixed camera monitors the Shaker area.
A driller cabin with the company’s standalone CCTV HMI system.
The standalone CCTV HMI solution can be installed on a driller’s cyber chair.
The MUD pump area is monitored by Drillereye’s motorised-zoom camera.

Turnkey CCTV solutions

Drillereye offers complete and modular turnkey CCTV solutions that meet the requirements of varying drillers, rigs and applications.

All components, chosen from the best Italian and European manufacturers, can be integrated into Drillereye’s surveillance management system.

The company supplies a variety of devices such as fixed, zoom and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, control panels, and human-machine interface (HMI), cabling and connection systems. All products are suitable for explosion-proof (Ex) and safe areas, and as designed to operate in temperatures between -40°C and 55°C.

Customised surveillance systems for drilling plants

The integrated Drillereye CCTV solutions are designed to meet the specific surveillance needs of the clients. All customised systems comply with the required legislative and technical standards. Thanks to the user-friendliness of CCTV interfaces, a single operator can monitor the entire drilling plant and control all cameras through clear and immediate commands.

Drillereye’s CCTV systems guarantee excellent operating results and increased economic sustainability, for rigs of all types and sizes.

CCTV systems for onshore and offshore rigs

Drillereye’s solutions have been successfully installed on more than 20 drilling rigs. The experience gained in the field has enabled the company to optimise its systems to guarantee continuous operations in adverse environments and critical conditions.

For land rigs, Drillereye also provides a specific cabling solution with plug-and-play connectors, which reduce downtime due to rig dismounting and assembly.

The company’s systems are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and the harsh mechanical stresses caused by drilling. All cameras are explosion and vibration-proof.

Cost-efficient, vibration-proof CCTV systems

Drillereye’s R&D team prioritises system reliability during the design process, with the aim of minimising client downtime.

The company has developed original solutions to equip cameras with effective, vibration-proof systems, which undergo strict performance tests before delivery, in order to ensure consistency even in extreme conditions.

About Drillereye

Drillereye is a brand of Ekotec Sistemi, an Italian leading company in industrial automation, integrated control and security systems, and fire and gas detection.

Established in 1980, Ekotec is an independently owned firm, which supplies integrated, customised and turnkey solutions. Over 35 years, the company has gained extensive experience and knowledge in various industrial applications, from initial design to the final commissioning and startup.

Ekotec is ISO 9001 certified and its technical team supports the needs of its clients.

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