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Marine Sonic Technology

Ultra High-Resolution Side-Scan Sonar Systems

120 Newsome Drive, Suite H,
VA 23692 United States of America

120 Newsome Drive, Suite H,
VA 23692 United States of America

Marine Sonic Technology

Marine Sonic Technology (MSTL) is a leading provider of ultra high-resolution side-scan sonar systems for any application. Our Sea Scan® product line is one of the most advanced in the world for underwater imaging.

Our systems are suitable for applications in various fields, such as oil and gas, scientific survey, oceanic construction, military and defence, search and rescue, marine fisheries and any location where accurate high-resolution underwater images are required.

Based in Yorktown, Virginia, US, Marine Sonic Technology has been in business since the early 1990s, and prides itself on having the best relationships with customers of any side-scan company.

Ultra high-resolution side-scan sonar

Offering high-definition digital and adaptive compressed high-intensity radar pulse (CHIRP) models, our systems can be configured for standalone, towed and deep-tow systems, along with autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and remotely-operated underwater vehicle (ROV) applications.

In addition to various transducer packages with frequencies starting from 150kHz, MSTL has the highest resolution transducer currently on the market at 1,800kHz.

Our systems are shipped with standard dual frequencies and typical setups of 300kHz to 900kHz, 600kHz to 1,200kHz and 900kHz to 1,800kHz.

Side-scan sonar systems and adaptive CHIRP-towed systems

The Sea Scan® HDS is our fully digital, entry-level towed system and is one of the most powerful yet easy to use systems in the industry, which is suitable for the harsh environments of commercial work.

Our more advanced adaptive CHIRP-towed system is the Sea Scan® ARC Explorer. With more flexibility than any other system, the ARC Explorer allows clients to change between standard dual frequencies, such as the HDS, as well as change out the entire transducer in less than 5min on the boat deck.

It is fully ruggedised and milled from a single piece of billet aluminium with expansion ports for later upgrades.

The Sea Scan® ARC Scout is our adaptive CHIRP embedded system for the AUV and ROV markets. The ARC Scout is the smallest dual-simultaneous embedded side-scan on the market, designed to fit in almost any AUV or ROV currently in use.

Its all-inclusive ultra-compact package measures 9.9cm x 9.4cm x 5.6cm, with an alternate configuration at 9.9cm x 18.7cm x 3.8cm. The Scout’s virtually ‘plug-and-play’ installation and minimal power usage make it the perfect choice for AUVs and ROVs that don’t have room or power to spare and need a compact unit that exceeds the expectations of systems that are twice its size and consume three times the wattage.

Customisable data collection software packages

The Sea Scan® Survey by MSTL is the most intuitive and powerful software package available. With its extremely powerful tools and ease of use, it handles almost any task without the need for extensive training.

An operator can be up and running within a few hours without the fear of pushing the wrong button. Sea Scan® Survey collects and saves raw data, allowing for manipulation without destruction.

The package can be integrated with most third party mosaic software packages, such as SonarWiz, and is fully adaptable, giving end users the ability to design their own software to fit a specific and unique need to their application by offering a software development kit.

We are constantly improving our software, which is driven by our end users. Upgrades are available for free for the life of the system and can be downloaded and installed from our website.

ATLAS North America Introduces the Newest Side Scan Sonar

Atlas North America is pleased to announce the release of our Scout Mk II Side Scan Sonar, the latest addition to the Marine Sonic Technology product line. It is the newest and most advanced side scan sonar for the AUV market today.

Marine Sonic Technology Ltd.

120 Newsome Drive, Suite H


VA 23692

United States of America